New Fast Automatic Daffodils

Welcome to the one and only page on the Web dedicated to the very excellent and very under-rated British band New Fast Automatic Daffodils. Like most British bands since Duran Duran, the New FADs didn't really make much of an impact on the North American music scene, despite being a part of the thriving Madchester scene in the UK. However, like most of their contemporaries, they got lost in the shuffle of the explosion of grunge, and the mainstreaming of "alternative" music.

By the time people were sick of grunge, Manchester's Summer of Love was long over - the Stone Roses were mired in contract/label problems, the Charlatans UK were just another pop band, James had found success with a more earthy sound, Mute had dumped Inspiral Carpets, Oasis had started to gain popularity with their Beatles' impressions, Renegade Soundwave was no more, techno was becoming the Next Big ThingTM, and the New FADs were just a dim musical memory from a place in time that had been too easily passed over.

While nobody may care anymore about some obscure band from some stagnant music scene from some dirty industrial English city, the New FADs at least deserve some recognition. In the whole drug-drenched, baggy-pantsed, neo-hippie collective, they stood out; a distinctive attitude, an edgy sound, and lyrics that were about something deeper than just love and happiness.

Take a closer look at a band who were just too good to be forgotten.

Okay, everything works again. If you sent a message about the mailing list before March, 1999, it was unfortunately destroyed along with the contents of this machine. Please re-send your request. (03/29/99)

Hot diggity damn. I found a place to keep my New F.A.D.s MP3s online. I've started encoding and uploading; over the next week or two, all of my CDs should be encoded and up there. About time, eh? (05/02/00)

After many moons, the hard-to-find and much-sought-after Lions EP is now available in MP3 format from the Sounds page. Coming eventually: a proper links page. If you have a fan site or related pages you wish linked, send me email, and it will happen. (12/09/01)

There is now an official mailing list running - to subscribe to the pigeonhole mailing list, check out the link at the bottom of the page.

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