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What is Aviva? 
Aviva Staff 
What the papers say 
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What is Aviva?
"The internet magazine you can contribute to."

AVIVA is a FREE 'Webzine', being run by an International group of Feminists based in London. We are providing a free listings service for women everywhere, funded by advertising, and sponsorship.

AVIVA is an International Women's Listing Magazine which enables women all over the world to make contact with each other.

AVIVA needs the input of groups and individuals around the world to provide information for free listings.

AVIVA offers to act as Website 'host' to Women's Groups and Services globally. Contact us for details.

Aviva Staff
Managing Editor:
Kate Burke
Africa Editor:  
Liz McGarva 

Asia News: 
Farhat Bokhari  

Australasia Editor : 
Marja Kooreman 

European Editor: 
Kate Burke 

Latin America News: 

Middle East Editor: 
Kate Burke 

North America Editor: 
Anna Lodge 

Ursula Troche 

Children's Editor: 
Kizzi Barazetti 

Mark Rafter, 
Paresh Rayvadera 

Patience Agyare-Kwabi,  
Kate Burke,  
Eugenie Dodd,  
Andrea Finn 

Policy Advisor:  
Avtar Brah 

AVIVA invites submissions for All Advertisements
Suggested categories:
Rates £10/$16 per month (20 words).£100/$160 per year.
Display banner advertising
rates on request from: kateb@aviva.org
Aviva provides free monthly listings of women's
groups & events worldwide
All contributions are welcome on any of the following categories:
groups .courses .resources .events .classified .ads.

What the papers say:
"The first international magazine for women to be published on the internet."
The Feminist Library, Spring/Summer 97'
"Surfers Against Social Injustice' where 'Sisters do it for themselves"
The Independent newspaper, UK

Other Services
Technical & Publication Workshops
Editors of Aviva offer a unique training opportunity
in the uses of the Internet for women in design and publishing.
For more details please e-mail: kateb@aviva.org
Aviva is linked to: wwwomen.com / wowfactor.com