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2d Lt Errol H. Zistel was trained to fly by the United Kingdom's Royal Flying Corps. After combat service in World War I as a pursuit pilot in  one Royal Flying Corps and the American Expeditionary Forces,  he left military service.

He joined the Ohio National Guard as a Captain and was one of the founding fathers of the 112th Observation Squadron, 37th Division.  In 1931, he assumed command of the squadron.

He was called into the Federal service during World War II serving in various staff and command assignments in the continental United States.  After he was released from active duty, Zistel rejoined  the Ohio National Guard and assumed command of the 55th Fighter Wing as a Brigadier General.  In 1957, he was promoted to Major General and served as Chief of Staff, Ohio Air National Guard until his retirement in 1957.

He served on the Secretary of Defense's Reserve Forces Policy Board and many other boards and committees during his distinguished military career.  He died on 25 January 1968 in Bay Village, Ohio.

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