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[email] [print] OBFS Reaches Beta

Sep 04, 2002 00:22 UTC, by Daniel "daat" Teixeira, Inactive Journalist.
From the b-b-b-BETA department...

Beta Stage it is. The OpenBeOS BFS team is the second team to reach beta stage in their quest for R1.

OBFS is complete, feature wise, and now it just needs a LOT of testing and debugging. Hence the "we want you!" bit i wrote in the header, don't want you to get any weird ideas...

From the OpenBeOS site (if you ask me the url i'll wack you over the head) you can see what they would like YOU to do. Yes you, the user, the "joe user", you don't have to be a "joe c++" (thanks Tom) coder to help you know, and not just with OBFS, though it's about it we're talking about right now. So get in gear and start testing, stressing and just giving it a hard time, and report back to the devs.

Detailed instructions can be found by clicking here

Great work everyone, we all look forward to more updates like this one.


Here are a couple more links (thanks _V_) that should help you with your "quest to build OpenBeOS": 1 and 2.


Just a quick mention of the command you must use to get the OBFS source:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.open-beos.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/open-beos co BeFS

Good luck and start testing.