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Travel times between stations

Light Rapid Transit The world's longest automated light rapid transit system
SkyTrain moves customers quickly, efficiently and reliably across the region through 33 stations along the 49.5 kilometres of the Expo and Millennium lines.
  • Running on electricity, SkyTrain is emission-free and energy efficient.
  • Travelling high above traffic on elevated guideways means that you fly past traffic, on trains running every 2 to 8 minutes.
  • SkyTrain is accessible.
  • SkyTrain is bike friendly except at certain peak times.
  • Your safety and security on SkyTrain is important to us.
  • For more information on SkyTrain SkyTour
  • For service and elevator/escalator maintenance updates see our Customer Alerts.
  • Fare zones and pricing.
  • View the 2006 SkyTrain Destination Guide. Adobe Acrobat(4.3Mb)
Quick and Easy Transfers
SkyTrain connects you to an extensive network of buses, SeaBus ferries, West Coast Express commuter rail and HandyDART custom transit. Click on map above for transit connections at stations.

Ticket Vending Machines
Ticket Vending Machines at SkyTrain and SeaBus stations accept payment from Canadian $5, $10 and $20 bills and coins except pennies.  Credit and debit cards are also accepted at all stations.  The paper magnetic tickets dispensed by SkyTrain ticket vending machines also work in bus fareboxes.

Proof of Payment
SkyTrain operates a proof of payment system. Fare checks can happen at any time, on trains and in station Fare Paid Zones.
  • Have your valid ticket, pass or transfer ready for inspection by SkyTrain Attendants or Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police.

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