SkyTrain vehicles and stations are monitored and managed during all hours of operation by a dedicated team of SkyTrain customer service staff and security personnel.

With customer safety and security as important design elements, all public areas have been designed to provide good sight lines offering maximum visibility for customers, SkyTrain staff and security personnel.  All platforms, elevators, escalators and ticket concourse areas are monitored by closed-circuit TV.  This provides control operators effective station surveillance and the opportunity to record suspicious activity or crime in progress, and respond to system emergencies.

The on-train Passenger Silent Alarm is a yellow strip above every window, which allows passengers to silently alert SkyTrain control operators in the event of a security concern.  Help will be on the scene as soon as possible.

The on-train Speakerphone is located near doors inside each car.  Speakerphones provide two-way voice communication with SkyTrain control operators for urgent assistance.

The in-station Designated Waiting Areas are located on all platforms.  These areas have enhanced lighting, red emergency telephones and a bench, and are covered by closed-circuit television.

The in-station Emergency Cabinets are located on the SkyTrain platforms and are equipped with a red emergency telephone, fire extinguisher and emergency train stop buttons.

Working near SkyTrain?
Work activities close to SkyTrain can create hazards.  To ensure the safety of passengers, employees and those people working near the SkyTrain system, please follow the procedures outlined in our Equipment Limits of Approach booklet.

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