Forrest McDonald
Distinguished University Professor
(Ph.D., Texas)

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U.S. constitutional; economic and business; South

See "The Speech." Address to last class taught as a regular member of the faculty at the University of Alabama.

BORN Orange, Texas, January 7, 1927.  Graduated Orange High School, 1943.  Served U.S. Navy, 1945-46.  Married.  Five children.

Education: B.A., 1949; M.A., 1949; Ph.D., 1955--University of Texas, Austin.

Professional Employment:

University ot Texas, Teaching Fellow, 1950-51

State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1953-58

Brown University, Associate Professor, 1959-64;
Professor, 1964-67

Wayne State University, Professor, 1967-76

University of Alabama, Professor, 1976-87; Distinguished University Research Professor, 1987--

Visiting Professorships:

Columbia (1962); Duke (1963); N.Y.U. (1966); University of West Florida (1975); James Pinckney Harrison Professor, College of William and Mary (1986-87)

Honors and Fellowships:

Social Science Research Council, Research Training Fellow, 1951-53

Master of Arts, Honorary Degree, Brown University, 1962

Guggenheim Fellow, 1962-63

Volker Fund Fellowship, 1962-63

Relm Foundation Fellowship, 1965

Earhart Fellowships, 1969, 1976, 1984

American Council of Learned Societies, Research Grant, 1975

Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award, Wayne State University, 1975

George Washington Medal (Freedom's Foundation), 1980

Fraunces Tavern Book Award, for Alexander Hamilton, 1980

Outstanding Scholar Award, University of Alabama, 1980

First Burnum Distinguished Faculty Award, University of Alabama, 1980

Mortar Board, Honorary Membership, 1982

Board of Foreign Scholarships (Presidential Appointment), 1985-87

Finalist, Pulitzer Prize, for Novus Ordo Seclorum, 1986

American Revolution Round Table Book Award, 1986

Benchmark Book Award, 1986

National Endowment for the Humanities, 16th Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities, 1987

Doctor of Humane Letters, Honorary Degree, SUNY-Geneseo, 1989

Ingersoll Prize, Richard M. Weaver Award for Scholarly Letters, 1990

Heritage Foundation, Salvatori Award for Academic Excellence, 1992

Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Henry J. Salvatori Award for The American Presidency, 1994

Frederick Moody Blackmon--Sarah McCorkle Moody Outstanding Professor Award, University of Alabama, 1995

Alabama Library Association 1996 Nonfiction Book Award

The Templeton Honor Tolls for Education in a Free Society, 1997-1998:

Professors; Scholarly Books, We The People

Mount Vernon Society in conjunction with the Organization of American Historians selected The Presidency of George Washington one of the Ten Great Books on George Washington, 1998

Advisory and professional services:

Rovensky Fellowship Selection Committee, 1965-88

National Review, Contributor, 1978--

Continuity, Board of Editors, 1980-

Richard M. Weaver Fellowship Selection Committee, 1980--

Encyclopedia Britannica Editorial Review Board, 1981-82, 1998

The Southern Historian, Faculty Advisor, 1983-89
Bicentennial of the Constitution, Claremont Advisory Board, 1983-89

Intercollegiate Review, Board of Editors, 1984--

Department of Education, Reader, Graduate Fellow Program, 1985, 1986

National Humanities Institute, Academic Board, 1985--

Constitution magazine, Advisory Board, 1988-94

National Legal Center for the Public Interest, Academic Council, 1988-94

Campus: America's Student Newspaper, Advisory Board, 1990--

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, Editorial Board, 1990-92

Rockford Institute, Board of Directors, 1990-94

Birmingham Federalist Society, Board of Directors, 1990-St. George Tucker Society, Secretary of the Publications Committee, 1991-92

Heritage Foundation, Salvatori Center Advisory Council, 1992--

Center for the Study of Interactive Learning, Advisory Council, 1992-96

Philadelphia Society, President, 1988-90, Trustee, 1983-86, 1988-91, 1994-97

Earhart Foundation, Academic Sponsor Fellowship Program, 1993-94, 1998-99

Adair Prize Committee, Selection Committee, 1995-96

Grady Mcwhiney Research Foundation, Senior Fellow, 1997--

Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Lady Thatcher Essay Competition, 1997

Presidential Studies Quarterly, Board of Editors, 1998--

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*Additionally, Dr. McDonald has published dozens of articles for major publications and over one hundred scholarly book reviews.

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