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Aga Khan Education Services is the education branch of the Aga Khan Development Network, which also sponsors projects in the fields of health and economic development. AKES comprises some 400 schools in Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Tajikistan) and east Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania). These schools employ 2500 teachers serving 55,000 students. At the IAP workshops, AKES teachers share substantive knowledge and approaches to the difficulties facing their schools. In return they learn new methods of conveying information to their students. AKES teachers and students also participate in IAP curriculum development projects, lending a global outlook to the new coursework.

Phillips Academy, located north of Boston in the United States, is an independent secondary school that brings 225 years of teaching experience to the partnership. Phillips Academy’s teachers and students alike benefit from the collaboration, both in Andover and abroad. Phillips Academy sends its teachers to AKES schools in Asia and Africa to exchange substantive knowledge of science, math, English, theater, and economics, and to share methods of cooperative teaching and learning. These professional development opportunities offered by the IAP to Phillips Academy faculty dramatically affect their approaches in their Andover classrooms. The IAP also provides Phillips Academy students an opportunity to participate in IAP programs overseas.

The Institute for Educational Development is a graduate school of education at Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan. The mission of the IED is to "contribute to quality improvement in education . . . through school improvement and human capacity development." AKU-IED trains teachers by means of graduate and professional programs, professional development centers, and research and policy studies. The IED’s expertise in pedagogy is a vital resource for teachers at AKES schools and at Phillips Academy. In turn, the IED draws some of its own students from the teachers and pupils at AKES schools, training them to return to the network to disseminate their knowledge.

The Schule Schloss Salem, located near Lake Constance in Germany and founded in 1920 by Kurt Hahn, Prince Max of Baden, and Karl Reinhardt of the Prussian Ministry of Culture, consists of three separate boarding institutions serving grades 5 to 13 and offering the International Baccalaureate curriculum. Salem International College, the secondary school, was created as a model of international education and offers a wide range of practices in student-centered learning. Schule Schloss Salem brings to the IAP significant experience in the IB curriculum, expertise in community service and service learning, and a uniquely European perspective.

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International Academic Partnership
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