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( 1588-1649 )

Major Works
" A Modell of Christian Charity " ( c. 1630 ). A sermon containing Winthrop's famous vision of New England as a 'city set on a hill.' First published in book form, 1838.
An on-line version from Mt. Holyoke

A Short Story of the Antinomians ( 1644 ).
A Declaration of Former Passages and Proceedings Betwixt the English and the Narrowgansets ( 1645 ).
Conclusions for the Plantation in New England ( 1769 ).
The History of New England from 1630 to 1649 ( 1790; edited by James Savage, 1825-26 ). A handy edition of Savage's text is Winthrop's Journal: "History of New England", 1630-1649. Two Volumes. Edited by James Kendall Hosmer. Scribner's, 1908. Reprinted by Barnes and Noble, 1959. Savage's History is newly edited by Richard S. Dunn and Laetitia Yeandle as The Journal of John Winthrop, 1630-1649. Harvard, 1996. An abridged edition is also available.

About Winthrop
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