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Jack Dunn

3B-RHP-SS-OF 1897-1904 Dodgers, Phillies, Baltimore Giants

Career 490.24510

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Jack Dunn was a pitcher and infielder who won 23 games for the pennant-winning Dodgers in 1899. He managed Providence (Eastern League) to a pennant in 1905, then had his greatest success in Baltimore (Eastern League/International League) starting in 1907 where, as owner-manager, he built the most successful minor league franchise in history. After winning a pennant in 1908 he bought the team from his former manager Ned Hanlon. Known for his ability to size up young players, he never forgot a player or a play. He found and developed players like Lefty Grove, Babe Ruth, Joe Boley, Jack Bentley, Ernie Shore and sold them for $50,000 to $100,000. On the field the Orioles once posted a 27-game winning streak. In 1914 he fielded the greatest team in the minors. They were 15 games in front when competition from the crosstown Federal League team forced him to sell off his 12 top stars to the majors and temporarily move to Richmond. Starting in 1919, they won seven International League pennants in a row. Dunn declined an offer to manage the Braves in 1928, and that fall had a fatal heart attack while on horseback watching bird dog field trials. (NLM)
» August 9, 1901: In a split at Boston, Baltimore 3B Jack Dunn is knocked out in game one by a foul ball off his own bat. He will be out of action for a week.

» July 7, 1914: Suffering heavy losses from Federal League competition in Baltimore, the Orioles' (IL) owner Jack Dunn offers Babe Ruth (plus Ernie Shore and C Ben Egan) for $10,000 to old friend Connie Mack, who refuses, pleading poverty. Cincinnati, which has a working agreement giving them the choice of two players, ignores Ruth and takes OF George Twombley and SS Claud Derrick. Dunn finally peddles his threesome to new owner Joe Lannin of the Red Sox for a reported $25,000.

» March 3, 1916: Jack Dunn, owner of the IL Orioles, buys the park built by the Baltimore Terrapins (FL).

» July 30, 1936: At the funeral of Charles Knapp, president of the Baltimore Orioles as well as the International League, Warren Giles is named interim league president. Giles is the president of the Rochester Red Wings. With Knapp's death, Mrs. Jack Dunn, majority owner of the Orioles, assumes the role of team president.