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It's Your Nickel, Watch it Work
Funded in part by the 2003 Legislative Funding Package.

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SR 527 - 132nd St. SE to 112th St. SE

Project location map: State Route 527 from 132nd to 112th Street between Mill Creek and Everett.   View larger map

Vehicles travel on newly-widened SR 527 between 132nd St SE and 112th St SE
View more photos

Silver Lake Informational SignsPhoto of one of the Silver Lake Informational Signs
View eight sign designs

Project Facts
We coordinated with the City of Everett, City of Mill Creek, Snohomish County and the local community to minimize traffic impacts and disruptions in the community.
The widened highway improves safety and traffic flow.
This project will double capacity of SR 527 between 132nd SE and 112th SE.
Project Status
September 2006

• On May 12, KLB Construction Crews working for WSDOT opened all five freshly paved lanes of SR 527 to drivers. The new lanes complete an almost twelve-mile long corridor widening project between Interstate 5 and Interstate 405.

• Crews are putting the finishing touches on this project, including installing signs, adding curbs and striping the new lanes.

• Drivers can sign up for weekly e-mail updates on our construction projects in Snohomish County.


We constructed an additional lane in each direction from 132nd SE to 112th SE with a two-way left-turn lane between Mill Creek and Everett.

Why is WSDOT widening SR 527?
We will added an additional lane in both directions to increase safety and increase traffic flow on this heavily traveled route. This is a partnership project with the City of Everett.

The End Result
We have widened SR 527 to two lanes in each direction from I-405 in Bothell to I-5 in Everett. Drivers now have a safer and less congested highway.

Project Benefits
• Safety - The extra lane cuts down on congestion and decrease rear-end collisions making the roadway safer for drivers.

• Congestion relief - Widening SR 527 from Mill Creek to 112th SE doubled the roadway capacity and increases traffic flow. This means shorter drive times for motorists and less frustration sitting in traffic.

• Environment - Improvements to SR 527 included installation of new culverts, detention ponds and other environmental improvements. The improvements will cut down on flooding and erosion, helping keep the roadway clear of water during storms and improving water quality for fish in nearby creeks and Silver Lake.

What is the project timeline?
February 2004 - We awarded the construction contract to the most competitive bidder, KLB Construction of Mukilteo. 

May 2004 - We began construction.

• April 2005 - Our crews finished improvements on the 132nd Street intersection.

September 2005 - We opened the southern portion of the project, 122nd Street SE to 132nd Street SE, to traffic. 

February 2006 - We opened portions of the northern half, 122nd Street SE to 112th Street SE.

March 2006 - Crews built traffic barrier along the westerly side of the new roadway from 112th to 120th Street.  

May 2006 - Crews finished paving the final layer of asphalt from 121st St SE to 132nd St. SE. On May 12, five lanes were opened to traffic.

Public Involvement
Your thoughts and opinions are important to us. If you have further questions or comments, please contact: WSDOT Construction Engineer Marlin Lenssen at (425) 225-8796.

Environmental Protection
In our continuing efforts to protect the environment, the WSDOT team worked with surrounding cities and communities to protect, and in some cases, better environmental conditions in the area.
Please visit the WSDOT Environmental Services Web site for more information.

Increasing safety is one of our priorities
The widening of SR 527 helps to increase traffic flow and will help minimize rear-end collisions during back-ups.

Will this project impact tribal resources?
We consulted the Tulalip, Yakama and Snohomish tribes during the environmental assessment phase of this project. To learn more about Section 106 Tribal Consultation (also called government-to-government tribal consultation process) please visit WSDOT's Tribal Liaison page, where you'll find links to WSDOT Centennial Accord Plan and WSDOT's Tribal Consultation Policy (Adopted by the Transportation Commission on February 19, 2003).

Financial Information
This project is funded through the following fund sources:

  • 2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) - $19,170,000
  • Existing Funds - $130,000
  • Other Agency Funds - $9,600,000
    Boeing, developer fees, Transportation Improvement Board, City of Everett, utilities
  • Total Funding Available From All Sources - $28,900,000

For project schedule and updates, please see the Quarterly Project Report.

How can I get more information?

Project Engineer Marlin Lenssen
9021 El Capitan Way, Suite A2
Everett, WA 98208-3637
Phone: (425) 225-8796
e-mail: Lenssmj@wsdot.wa.gov


Communications Travis Phelps
15700 Dayton Avenue North
PO Box 330310 MS: 103
Seattle, WA 98133-9710
Phone: (206) 440-4470
E-mail: PhelpsT@wsdot.wa.gov

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