October 4, 2006




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Horrorbilly 9000
Stereo Dynamite Recordings

Horrorbilly 9000

The latest release from the Matadors is a rockabilly experience in the horrorbilly vein that is rousing, loud and needs to be played at top volume to be fully appreciated.

The vocals are laced with intonations of the Living Dead. They play horrorbilly without apology and with abandon. Drink, Drink, Play and Drink some more are the relentless themes throughout the CD.

The band’s roots go back to London, Ontario and 1995 where vocalist and guitarist Howlin Hooch Parkins and upright bassist Jeff Sheppard first plied their trade. Drummer Bob Carvell joined the band four years later.

This trinity is a high-energy outfit, wild and relentless in their delivery. While the one-two drumbeat of the urban evolved rockabilly standard given up by the Matadors becomes a little repetitive sometimes, the desire to continue listening is easily created by cranking up the volume.

With song titles like ‘Rock and Roll Freakshow’, ‘Hellride’, ‘Black Widow’, ‘9 Shots of Bourbon’, not to mention ‘Teenage Zombie sluts’, you can probably get the drift of the band’s message without further description.

The Matadors offer a high intensity hard-edged rockabilly sound that entertains. Drink On!

- Andy Gemza

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