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The Chancellor's Citation for Academic Achievement was first awarded in 1979. It recognizes outstanding contributions in scholarship, research, teaching and creative work. In 1981 the title of the citation was changed to The Chancellor's Citation for Exceptional Academic Achievement and a second citation was created - The Chancellor's Citation for Distinguished Service, recognizing nonacademic contributions to the University. In 1995 the first Distinguished Service Citation was awarded for Contributions as an Emeritus Professor. In 1997 the first awards for Outstanding Contributions to the University's Academic Programs were given.

Looking for Year
Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Mark Bowick, Professor of Physics
Steven Cohan, Professor of English
Outstanding Contributions to University's Academic Programs:
Michael Flusche, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of History
Owen Shapiro, Professor of Transmedia Studies
Distinguished Service:
Domenic Iacono, Associate Director of the University Art Collection
Christopher Walsh, Dean of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Margaret G. Hermann, Gerald B. and Daphna Cramer Professor of Global Affairs, Director of the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, and Professor of Political Science
M. Cristina Marchetti, Professor of Physics
Outstanding Contributions to University's Academic Programs:
Margaret Himley, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, Writing Program
Distinguished Service:
James A. Boeheim Jr., Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
Bethaida Gonzalez, Acting Dean, University College
Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Ann Grodzins Gold, Professor of Religion and Teacher of Anthropology
Carlos R.P. Hartmann, Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science
Outstanding Contributions to University's Academic Programs:
Barbara A. Yonai, Director, Center for the Study of Teaching and Learning
Distinguished Service:
Virginia Rieger Denton, Director of the Office of Design and Construction
Barry L. Wells, Senior Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Rosemary O’Leary, Professor of Public Administration and Ph.D. Program Director in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Sheldon Leslie Stone, Professor of Physics at Syracuse University
Steven J. Taylor, Professor of Cultural Foundations of Education, Coordinator of Disability Studies, and Director of the Center on Human Policy
Distinguished Service:
Margaret M. Austin, Associate Director for Budget and Administration at the Center for Policy Research in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Colleen O’Connor Bench, Director of the Syracuse University Parents Office
Francis McMillan Parks, Director of Students Offering Service and African American Programs at Hendricks Chapel
Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Fred Manuel Frohock, Professor of Political Science
James A. Schwarz, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Outstanding Contributions to University's Academic Programs:
Shiu-Kai Chin, Meredith Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Eric F. Spina, Associate Dean of ECS and Associate Professor of Mechanical, Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering
Distinguished Service:
Jake Crouthamel, Director of Athletics

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
John Philip Jones, Professor of Advertising
Rafael Sorkin, Professor of Physics
William Wiecek, Professor of Law and Professor of History
Outstanding Contributions to University's Academic Programs:
Sandra Hurd, Professor and Chair of the Law and Public Policy Department
Distinguished Service:
Mary Jo Custer, Director of Student Affairs and Associate to the Vice President for Student Affairs
James "Jay" Mulligan, Night Custodian, Physical Plant's West Zone and Group Leader of Special Project's Crew

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Pramod K. Varshney, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Outstanding Contributions to University's Academic Programs:
Franklin P. Wilbur, Jr., Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Director of Syracuse University Project Advance and the Center for Support of Teaching and Learning
Distinguished Service:
Kathleen F. Pollard, Secretary in the Dean's Office of L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Arnold Honig,  Professor of Physics
Meredith Lillich,  Professor of Fine Arts
Tapan Kumar Sarkar,  Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Outstanding Contributions to University's Academic Programs:
Nance Hahn,  Assistant Director of the Writing Program
William Sullivan,  Director of the Maxwell Executive Education Program
Distinguished Service:
Patricia Burak,  Director of the Office of International Services
Timothy Maloney,  Food Services Worker
William Patrick,  University Comptroller

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Tej Bhatia, Professor of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Laurence Nafie, Professor and Chair of Chemistry Department
Timothy Smeeding, Professor of Economics and Public Administration, and Director of the Maxwell School's Center for Policy Research
Outstanding Contributions to University's Academic Programs:
Alfred T. Collette, Director of University Art Collection
David Smith, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Distinguished Service:
Steven Ginsburg, Woodshop Technician in the Studio Arts Department
Judy O'Rourke, Administrative Specialist to the Vice President of Undergraduate Studies
Lena Rose Orlando, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator for the University R.A.P.E. Center

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Michael Barkun, Professor of Political Science
Marion "Pat" Bickford, Professor of Earth Sciences
Gerald Grant, the Hannah Hammond Professor of Education
Peter T. Marsh, Professor of History and International Relations
Outstanding Contributions to the University's Academic Programs:
Rosanna Grassi, Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
June Quackenbush, Manager of Student Computing Services
Distinguished Service:
Deanna Phillips, Administrative Assistant in the department of International Relations
Timothy Sweet, Director of Energy and Computing Management

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
John Agnew, Professor of Geography
Robert Richards Birge, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Wynetta Devore, Professor of Social Work
James R. Florini, Professor of Biochemistry
Patricia Wallace Ingraham, Professor of Public Administration
Susan S. Wadley, Professor of Anthropology
John McHenry Yinger, Professor of Economics and Public Administration
Distinguished Service:
Patricia A. Moody, Associate Professor and Chair of the English Department
Diane Lyden Murphy, Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of the Women's Studies Program

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Robert B. Barlow, Professor of Bioengineering and Neuroscience
Philip B. Dunham, Professor Of Biology
Felicity A. Nussbaum, Professor of English
Kenneth Pennington, Professor of History
James Roger Sharp, Professor and Chair of the History Department
Tobias Wolff, Jesse Truesdell Peck Professor of English
Distinguished Service:
Marjorie Dibble, Professor of Human Nutrition and Associate Dean of the College for Human Development
Donald Meiklejohn, Professor Emeritus of Social Science, Public Affairs and American Democracy

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Alice Sterling Honig, Professor of Child Development in the College for Human Development
David L. Miller, Watson-Ledden Professor of Religion
Lawrence L. Tavlarides, Professor of Chemical Engineering
Distinguished Service:
Judy L. Hamilton, Associate Director of Honors Program
Nancy Fulmer Marquardt, Director of Special Events

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Douglas P. Biklen, Professor of Special Education and Director of the Facilitated Communication Institute
Louis Kriesberg, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Program on the Analysis and Resolution
Mark Monmonier, Professor of Geography
Thomas E. Patterson, Professor of Politcial Science
David Tatham, Professor of Fine Arts
Distinguished Service:
William D. Coplin, Professor and Director of Maxwell School's Public Affairs Program
Evangeline Petrarca, Administrative Clerk for the Pre-Audit Department

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Arthur Storch, Artistic Director of Syracuse Stage and Chairman of Drama Department
Joseph E. Levine, Professor of History
Otey Scruggs, Professor of History
Marshall H. Segall, Associate Dean of College of Arts and Siences, Professor of Social and Political Psychology
Distinguished Service:
Bette C. Gaines, Associate Director for Professional Training and Field Supervision at Project Advance
Bruce L. Riddle, Academic Computing Specialist for the Metropolitan Studies Program
James B. Wiggins, Chairman/Professor Religion Department

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
David H. Bennett, Professor of History
Agehananda Bharati, Ford-Maxwell Professor of South-Asian Studies
David R. Krathwohl, Hannah Hammond Professor of Education
Rodger Mack, Professor of Sculpture and Director of the School of Art
Distinguished Service:
Lynda L. Weaver, Senior Administrator in the College of Arts and Sciences

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
William Alston, Professor of Philosophy
Aiyalam Balachandran, Professor of Physics
Robert Bogdan, Professor of Special Education and Sociology
Distinguished Service:
Linda Achimore, Safety Inspector

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
William Hoyer, Professor of Psychology
Jerry Kelly, Professor of Economics
Richard Schwartz, Ernest I .White Professor of Law and Professor of Sociology and Social Science
Stephen Webb, Professor of History
Distinguished Service:
Lee Smith, Assistant Dean of Community Service Programs at University College

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
L.F.E. Goldie, Professor of Law and Director of the International Legal Studies Program
Claire Rudolph, Professor of Social Work
Patrick Magari, graduate student, Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering
Distinguished Service:
Jean Crawford, Director of South Campus Housing
Stewart Thau, Chairman of Philosophy Department

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Abhay Ashtekar, Professor of Physics
Tess Gallagher, Professor of English in the Graduate Writing Program
Jean Spaudling Loftus, graduate student, Master's Degree in Performance
Donald W. Meinig, Maxwell Professor of Geography
Distinguished Service:
Jane K. Hyde, Director of the Office for Student Assistance

Exceptional Academic Achievement and Distinguished Service:
Jonathan Bennett, Professor of Philosophy
Roger R. Harrington, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
David Rosenbloom, Professor of Public Administration
Bradley J. Strait, Director of the University's Center for Advanced Technology in Computer Applications and Software Engineering (CASE Center)
M. Cornelia Yarbroough, Professor in the School of Music and School of Education
Elliott I. Portnoy, Senior, Syracuse University's first Rhodes Scholarship winner

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Jesse Burkhead, Maxwell Professor of Economics
Charles T. Driscoll, Jr., Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Marvin Druger, Professor of Biology and Science Education
Albert Edrei, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Ephraim Mizruchi, Professor of Sociology
Distinguished Service:
Gloria Katz, Senior Administrator in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Arpena S. Mesrobian, Director and Editor of SU Press

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Thomas F. Green, Professor of Education
Erich Harth, Professor of Physics
Travis H.D. Lewin, Professor of Law
Sarada G. Rajeev, Doctoral Candicate in Physics
S. Alexander Stern, Professor of Chemical Engineering
George Vander Sluis, Professor Emeritus of Painting and Drawing in Visual and Performing Arts
Distinguished Service:
Esther Dewey, Senior Administrator in the Division of Summer Sessions
William G. Fox, SU graduate, active for disabled students rights at Syracuse University

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Michael Arnold Bailey, Senior, Newspaper
John Langston Gwaltney, Professor of Anthropology
Peter E. Herzog, Professor of Law
Jerome Paul Witkin, Professor of Studio Arts
Distinguished Service:
M. Helen Wigler, Senate Recorder

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Bridget Kristine Maloney, Senior, International Relations and Broadcast Journalism
Samuel Joseph McNaughton, Professor of Biology
Arthur Jon Pulos, Professor and Chair of the Department of Design
Wilman Tsai, Senior, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
William Wasserstrom, Professor of English
Distinguished Service:
Jane Niles Pickett, Coordinator of the Honors Program

Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Philip Booth, Professor of English
David Cheng, Professor of Electrical Engineering
Antje B. Lemke, Professor of Information Studies
Distinguished Service:
Virginia Torelli, Director of the International Student Office

Richard L. Bolstad, Senior, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Arnold Paul Goldstein, Professor of Psychology
Mary Drake Iversen, Director, University College Humanistic Studies Center and Women's Center for Continuing Education
Mary Hatch Marshall, Professor Emeritus, English
Manfred Stanley, Professor of Sociology
Cindy Debra Stern, Doctoral Candidate, Philosophy
Chi Tien, Professor and Chairman of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Kameshwar C. Wali, Professor of Physics
Jozef John Zwislocki, Professor of Sensory Sciences

Roy Bahl, Professor of Economics
Peter Bergmann, Professor of Physics
Nancy Gelling, Director of University College counseling
Ralph Ketcham, Professor of Public Affairs
Wilber LaPage, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Howard Mansfield, Senior, Managing and Editorial editor for the Daily Orange
Robert McClure, Professor Political Science
Merlin Pollock, Professor Emeritus, College of Visual and Performing Arts
Thomas Richards, Professor of Public Communications
Karen Szymanski, Graduate Student, English teaching assistant and President of the English Graduate Group
Walter Welch, Curator of the SU Audio Archive
James Naughton, Senior in Magazine Journalism and American Studies, was given a 12th citation from Chancellor Eggers. Mr. Naughton and Vice Chancellor John James Prucha developed the annual awards program. (see The Record, May 3, 1979)



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