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The British Fantasy Awards

1998 Nominations

A Deepness in the Sky (Vernor Vinge) Millennium
The Amber Citadel (Freda Warrington) Earthlight
Bodyguard of Lightning (Stan Nicholls) Millennium
Communion Blood (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro) TOR
Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson) Heinemann
Dark Cities Underground (Lisa Goldstein) TOR
The Descent (Jeff Long) Gollancz
The Divinity Student (Michael Cisco) Buzzcity Press
Dragonshadow (Barbara Hambly) Voyager
Grimm’s Last Fairytale (Hayden Middleton) Abacus
Indigo (Graham Joyce) Michael Joseph
Inhuman Beings (Jerry Jay Carroll) ACE
Legion of Thunder (Stan Nicholls) Gollancz
Life’s Lottery (Kim Newman) Simon & Schuster
The Marriage of Sticks (Jonathan Carroll) Gollancz
Minions Of The Moon (Richard Bowes) TOR
Mnemosyne’s Kiss (Peter J Evans) Virgin Worlds
Safe as Houses (Carol Anne Davis) Do Not Press
The Sea Came in at Midnight (Steve Erickson) Quartet
Sea Dragon Heir (Storm Constantine) Gollancz
Shelter (Chaz Brenchley) Hodder & Stoughton
The Singer from the Sea (Sheri S Tepper) Avon
Sultan of the Moon and Stars (Tom Arden) Gollancz
The Swordsman’s Oath (Juliet E McKenna) Orbit
The Thief’s Gamble (Juliet E McKenna) Orbit
Thin Air (Storm Constantine) Warner
World’s End (Mark Chadbourn) Gollancz

999 (ed. Al Sarrantonio) Hodder/Avon Books
The Asylum (ed. Victor Heck) Dark Tales Publications
The Investigations of Avram Davidson (ed. Grania Davis & Richard A Lopoff) St Martin’s Press
The Last Continent - New Tales of Zothique (ed. John Pelan) Shadowlands Press
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 10 (ed. Stephen Jones) Robinson
The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy (ed. Mike Ashley) Robinson
Palace Corbie 8 (ed. Wayne Edwards) Merrimack Books
White Of The Moon (ed. Stephen Jones) Pumpkin Books
Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror (ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling) St Martin’s Press

The Collected Strange Stories (Robert Aikman) Tartarus Press/Durtro Press
Forever Azazoth (Peter Cannon) Tartarus Press
Hearts in Atlantis (Stephen King) Hodder & Stoughton
Icarus Descending (Steve Savile) Enigmatic Press
Lonesome Roads (Peter Crowther) Razorblade Press
The Longest Single Note (Peter Crowther) CD Publications
Luminous (Greg Egan) Millennium
The Magician of Karakosk (Peter Beagle) Souvenir Press
The Miracle of Christmas & other stories (Connie Willis) Bantam Spectra
Moonlight & Vines (Charles de Lint) TOR
Salt Snake & Other Bloody Cuts (Simon Clark) Silver Salamander Press
Shadows at Midnight (L H Maynard & M P N Sims) Sarob Press
What You Make It (Michael Marshall Smith) Harper Collins
Zom Bee Moo Vee (Mark McLaughlin) Fairwood Press

'Andy Warhol’s Dracula' (Kim Newman) PS Publishing Chapbook
'At the End of the Pier' (L H Maynard & M P N Sims) Silent Turmoil
'Another Frame' (Joel Lane) White Of The Moon
'The Collector of Hands' (Sten Westguard) TTA #18
'The Entertainment' (Ramsey Campbell) 999
'Fish in a Barrel' (Jonathan Carroll) Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct/Nov 1999
'The Grass is always Greener' (Martin Owton) Kimota #11
'The Hand that Feeds' (Peter Crowther & James Lovegrove) Enigmatic Variations
'Hearts in Atlantis' (Stephen King) Hearts in Atlantis
'Heartstrings' (Barry Fishler) TTA #19
'If I Close My Eyes Forever' (Charles de Lint) Moonlight And Vines
'Leningrad Nights' (Graham Joyce) PS Publishing Chapbook
'The Malevou' (Leo Kerry) Roadworks #5
'The Bezaloo' (Ben Wilensky) Dark Horizons #38
'In the Land of the Unforgiven' (Charles de Lint) Moonlight And Vines
'The Mark of the Butterfly' (Alexander Glass) TTA #18
'Mason’s Rats III' (Neal Asher) Mason’s Rats
'Ordeals Inc.' (Paul Finch) Nasty Piece of Work #13
'The Pool' (Ceri Jordan) Psychotrope #7
'Pork Pie Hat' (Peter Straub) Orion
'The Rain' (Alexander Glass) TTA #20
'The Rain Catchers' (Greg F Gifune) Down to Zero
'Remember Me Yesterday' (Steve Savile) Icarus Descending
'The Retablo' (Cooper Renner) All Hallows
'The Roundabout' (Nicholas Royle) White of the Moon
'The Road Virus Heads North' (Stephen King) 999
'The Rot' (Christopher Kenworthy) Interzone #147
'The Shadow, The Darkness' (Thomas Ligotti) 999
'Spermaceti Whiskers' (Rhys Hughes) Hermaphrodite Brig - Hippogriff Press
'Starlight' (Tim Lee) TTA #20
'Sucker' (Neal Asher) Sackcloth & Ashes #4
'The Tower' (Cardinal Cox) Enigmatic Tales Spring 1999
'The Transformation of Martin Lake' (Jeff Vandermeer) Palace Corbie #8
'The Winds of Marble Arch' (Connie Willis) Asimov’s Nov/Dec 1999
'Une étrange aventure de Richard Blaine' (Kim Newman) The Time Out Book of Paris Short Stories
'The Volvax Immersion' (Tom Arden) Interzone #143
'Wan Light' (Mark Chadbourn) Sackcloth & Ashes #5
'Welcome' (Michael Marshall Smith) White Of The Moon
'Whatever Happened to Baby June' (Jay Russell) White Of The Moon
'Where the Town Goes at Night' (Tanith Lee) Interzone #147
'White' (Tim Lebbon) MOT Press
'The Wishbone Bag' (Christopher Kenworthy) The Time Out Book of Paris Short Stories

Poppy Alexander
Lisa Busby
David Checkley
John Coulthart
Jason C Eckhardt
Les Edwards
Jamie Egerton
Gerald Gaubert
Josh Kirby
Desmond Knight
Iain Maynard
Chris Moore
Jon Sullivan
Douglas Walters
Dave Windett

'All Hallows' (ed. Christopher & Barbara Roden)
Enigmatic Press (L H Maynard & M P N Sims)
'Ghosts & Scholars' (ed. Rosemary Pardoe)
'Interzone' (ed. David Pringle)
'Kimota' (ed. Graeme Hurry)
Necronomicon Press (Marc Michand)
Razorblade Press (Darren Floyd)
'Roadworks' (ed. Trevor Denyer)
Sacred Sight Publishing
'Sackcloth & Ashes' (ed. Andrew & Lisa Busby)
Tartarus Press (Ray Russell)
'The Third Alternative' (ed. Andy Cox)
'Unhinged' (ed. Paul Lockley)

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