Preservation in Action. The Pagoda exterior restoration project began in the summer of 1999 and was completed in 2003. This project was the first official  restoration of a building on the site. It was paid for ($40,000) through private donations. No Federal or State money was provided. Click here to find out how to join SOS or make a donation. Thank you.


    pagoda1.jpg (10904 bytes)   The Pagoda before work begins. (1998)

1.gif (63720 bytes)  First the Lead paint needed to be sealed. Encapsulating paint was applied.

2.gif (51588 bytes)

3.gif (59431 bytes)  Every opening needed to be sealed before the coat of black paint could be applied. 

4.gif (79673 bytes)

5.gif (61864 bytes)

6.gif (57735 bytes)  The black coat was sprayed to cover the paneled walls. Red will go on next.

8.gif (59345 bytes)  The original red is applied to all beams.

Pagoda roof webgrade.jpg (46911 bytes) Meanwhile, roof repairs were underway in preparation for painting. The roof color will be red.

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