The Seán Cullen Show
series finale: Friday, September 26, 2003 at 8:00 pm

Seán decides to take a self-defense course at the William Shatner Fight College. He defeats all comers but is he man enough to overcome the ultimate challenge: can he defeat the mighty William Shatner himself?

Seán Cullen has toured the world performing and perfecting his unique brand of improvisational, absurdist comedy. Now, The Seán Cullen Show provides the television showcase for his talent.

Come and visit Seán in his home that he shares with his excellent $howband who back him in his musical adventures. In the kitchen, Betty the hyperactive homemaker keeps things neat as a pin and dotes over her hulking terror of a son, Sonny. Under the floorboards lurks the lovable yet strange Winston, the Cellar dweller, making his bizarre plans and carrying them out with varying degrees of success. Seán is constantly fending off the attempts of the Canvasser to sell him strange and useless products. All the while, the two Critics in the audience pass judgment in a clever and caustic way. Meanwhile next door, Frau Foch, villainess extraordinaire and her Sasquatch henchman plan Seán´s downfall.

The Seán Cullen Show is an homage to great TV programs of the past but incorporating a fresh, contemporary sense of weirdness. The combination of music, sitcom elements, vibrant characters and special guests make the show familiar and fresh at the same time. There is no show like The Seán Cullen Show.