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The Coad Letter
Welcome to The Coad Letter, a series of special reports written specifically for business and technical leaders within the IT community.

The Coad Letter continues to bring you the very latest techniques in advanced software engineering. Peter Coad started the Coad Letter in 1995. Over a hundred issues later, the original spirit of the Coad Letter is stronger than ever.

David J. Anderson, Dave Astels and Peter Coad are the editors for their respective areas of focus: Peter on business strategy, David on agile management, and Dave on test-driven development.

13 Aug 2004 Color Modeling and The Law of Demeter, by David J. Anderson
One of the most widely misunderstood elements of color modeling and the Domain Neutral Component is its loosely coupled nature and the use of what is often referred to as the Law of Demeter.
13 Aug 2004 Whole Part Relationships in Color Models, by David J. Anderson
Practical color models do feature both composition and aggregation in other places and modelers are often left wondering, what is the "right way" to model these relationships and which colors should be used for the diagram. Does a pink clas
13 Aug 2004 Coarse-grained Components from a Color Model, by David J. Anderson
I am often asked, what is the relevance of domain modeling in an age of distributed application frameworks and service-oriented architecture? One answer and a simple one is that there is no replacement for good analysis.
03 Feb 2004 Modeling Use Cases with the Borland Suite of Tools, by Serge Charbonneau
The goal of this white paper is to demonstrate how the Borland� Suite of Tools can automate use case modeling activities.
02 Feb 2004 The Coad Letter: Process Edition, Issue 118, The Case for Class Ownership, by David J. Anderson
Feature Driven Development (FDD) [Coad 1999, Palmer 2002] believes in class ownership. In this article, I hope to illuminate some of the reasons why FDD practitioners believe that class ownership makes sense.
30 Jan 2004 Unified Process using the Borland ALM Solution, by Tom Gullion
This whitepaper contains an overview for implementing the Unified Process using the Borland ALM solution.
30 Jan 2004 The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design Edition, Issue 117, Strategies for Maintaining and Improving Quality, by Stephen Palmer
Delivering high quality software is a stated goal of many development teams and it is a very admirable goal. To reach this goal we need to decide what high quality really means and we need to have some clue about how to achieve it?
31 Dec 2003 The Coad Letter: Process Edition, Issue 116, The Year 2003 at Borland by Granville Miller
2003 marked some major new initiatives at Borland. In this Coad Letter, we describe some of the major events of this year.
15 Dec 2003 The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design Edition, Issue 115, Gathering Requirements: Use Cases by Granville Miller
This edition of the Coad Letter takes a look at the dynamics of use cases.
25 Nov 2003 The Coad Letter: Agile Management, Issue 114, The Zen of Agile Management by David J. Anderson & Mike Watson
This article is intended to boil agile management down to its bare essentials � just the principles and theory.
29 Sep 2003 The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design, Issue 113, The Latest Status of Version 2 of the UML, by Granville Miller
Here is an update of when you can expect to see the UML 2.0 specifications and some ideas on how you can get your first glimpse.
26 Sep 2003 The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design, Issue 112, The Contributions of Extreme Programming, by Granville Miller
Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck created an agile software development process that questions the core of software engineering. As a result, software development will never be the same.
22 Sep 2003 The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design, Issue 111, Using Stereotypes in Document Generation, by Stephen Palmer
Borland's Together ControlCenter includes a very powerful reporting engine. It is capable of generating plain text, RTF or HTML documents from models held in Together.
27 Jun 2003 The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design, Issue 110, Announcing UML 2.0, by Granville Miller
The UML 2.0 Specification has been approved by the OMG. The final editing process is going on and the specification is set to be released to the public by the end of the year. Here is what is new.
26 Jun 2003 The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design, Issue 109, JavaOne 2003, by Granville Miller
This year's JavaOne introduced some exciting new advancements in Java technology.
03 Apr 2003 The Coad Letter: Test-driven Development, Issue 108, A TDD Session, by Dave Astels
This issue shows what it is like to perform test-driven development on a development project.
04 Feb 2003 The Coad Letter: Modeling and Design, Issue 107, Party Time (Part 2) by Stephen Palmer
In this issue of the Coad Letter, we continue examining the properties and operations suggested by one of Peter Coad's four class archetypes, the Party, Place, Thing archetype.
30 Jan 2003 The Coad Letter: Test-driven Development, Issue 106, Intentional Coding, by Dave Astels
In this issue, we will be talking about a skill that is generally useful, indispensable for doing Test-Driven Development, and a requirement to really do XP. I'm referring to intentional coding...
01 Dec 2002 The Coad Letter: Test-driven Development, Issue 105, The TDD Traffic Light, by Dave Astels
In this issue, we will discuss William Wake's metaphor for the test-first cycle: a traffic light. I touched briefly on this in Issue 1, but here we have the full story, based on an essay by the originator of the idea.
07 Nov 2002 The Coad Letter: Process Edition , Issue 104, Goal-centric Process and Project Management, by Jon Kern
In this issue, we'll look at a process paradigm that I coined a year or so ago.
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