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The purpose of this wiki is to demonstrate Logo. Logo is a simple but powerful programming language for children devised by Seymour Papert, Danny Bobrow, Wally Feurzig and others at MIT and Bolt Beranek & Newman in the mid 60s. Even though it is refreshingly simple like one of its ancestors JOSS, it also has many of the powers of its other ancestor Lisp.

Quite a bit can be done in Logo, especially when it is extended to objects which include both many turtles and rich media. There is even an excellent Logo introduction to college computer science by Brian Harvey.

Here's a program to get the Logo turtle to draw a hexagon. Click Run to see the results in the display screen on the right. Edit it freely (right in the pane), and Run your new examples. Click Save to make your changes permanent or Reset to go back to the last saved version.