Weekly Activities

Dharma Circle

Fridays, 1830 to 2030

Dharma Circle (DC) )provides a weekly chance for fellow Buddhist in the NUS community to come and share their knowledge on the various issues and topics regarding Buddhism. It will be beneficial for those who are new to the religion to come participate and find out more in the discussions. There is no signing up or registration, just drop by this very Friday to take part.


This week session


Topic: Treasures in Life!
Venue: YIH Function Room 3
Time: 0630pm - 0830pm


For more information, contact Albert at 81280429 or dydharma@nusbs.org.sg.


Medical Dharma Circle

Mondays, 5pm to 8pm

Similar to the Faculty Dharma Circle, the Medical Dharma Circle (MDC) is held for the Medical Faculty weekly. Click here for details about location and further updates.

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Sutta Studies Group

Mondays 0615pm to 0815pm, Outside LT6 Engineering Faculty

One of the longest continuous activity organized by NUS Buddhist Society, Sutta Study Group which is led by Bro. Piya Tan is a study group to learn Buddhism from early Buddhist scripture. With mixed participants from new beginners to Buddhism to graduated seniors, as well as monks that constantly share the Dharma with us, it is definitely a very conducive environment to study the Dharma. In this study group, we discuss different topic for each week, therefore new comers are always welcome to join anytime!


This week session


WHAT IS FEELING? (A study of the 2nd aggregate) will be discussed. This sutta can be downloaded from http://dharmafarer.googlepages.com under the file named "Khanda 2 Vedana ".

Time: 0615pm - 0815pm


For more information, contact Jolene at 93650337 or jojotan84@gmail.com.

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Welfare Visit

This week, we will be going to Ren Ci Hospital to help them in their Survey Project. The purpose of the project is to let them know about the feedback of the patients about their services, their performances and hospitality in Ren Ci Hospital. We will help them in this project for 1 month (estimated). For this coming Saturday, the person-in-charge will give us a briefing about how to carry out the survey. This is indeed a great chance for us to interact with the patients, so please sign up for this great COMPASSION (It is known as Karuna in Pali language) interactive session.

Date: 7 October 2006
Time: 1000am-1200pm
Venue: Ren Ci Hospital (
Moulmein, Tan Tok Seng Road)

Venue to meet:
If you stay in campus:0830am Comp Centre (opp Central Library)
If you stay outside campus:0930am Novena MRT

About Ren Ci Hospital:
Established in 1994, Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation which looks after chronic sick patients suffering from severe physical disabilities, long term and terminal illnesses. Our patients require long-term medical and nursing attention. Many are totally dependent on care staff for assistance in activities of daily living.

For more information, contact Johnathern at 81024829 or welfare@nusbs.org.sg.

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Basic Meditation Course

If Buddhism is a practice, then meditation is the central part of that practice.

But even if one is not a Buddhist, meditation can improve the quality of life by reducing psychological stress and relaxing the mind, allowing us to become better at what we do because we can concentrate on one task without distraction.

When we become more mindful of our thoughts and actions, we can even avoid hurting others, and become a better companion and a happier person.

Have you been mindful today?

5 Sessions for a complete course:
Date: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th Oct, and 1st Nov
Time: 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm
Venue: NUS Staff Club – Room Aquarius (Across the road from Yusof Ishak Hall, near Sport & Recreation Centre)

Total fee of $10 for non-members, $5 for members of NUS Buddhist Society

Conducted by Venerable Chun Nian in English. The course will cover Breath Meditation and Loving Kindness Meditation. All are welcome, regardless of religion.

Please register quickly, as only fifty participants will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Venerable Chun Nian

Venerable had always been interested in meditation and had been meditating since her undergrad years. Having been to several retreats in Australia and Singapore, her longest retreats are in Myanmar where they last for several months. After her ordination 7 years ago, she studied in Myanmar for 3 years where she obtained a BA in Buddhist studies. Venerable is currently residing in Bao Guang Fo Tang.


For enquiries please contact Suey Lein at 98359894 or email dharma@nusbs.org.sg.


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Mid-Autumn Festival

Not sure what to do for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival?


Why not join the NUSBS family this Friday for a fun-filled evening with games, songs, delicious mooncakes and beautiful lanterns under the moon?  Wrap yourself in the warmth of the NUSBS family and get away from the NUStress for the evening.  Bring your friends along!


Date: 6 October 2006
Time: 0630pm-0830pm
The Engineering Bridge, outside LT3


For enquiries please contact Isen at 91083480 or email fellowship@nusbs.org.sg.


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Other Activities


Freshman Orientation Camp - every summer holiday

Want to know more about Buddhism? Want to enlarge your circle of buddhist friends? And looking for a fun and dynamic camp to bring you into the tertiary world and our society? If yes, our annual camp is the one to choose! NUSBS FOC promise lots of fun and laughter and of course, meaningful activities to bring out the spirit of the Dharma. Dharma means the teachings of the Buddha.

This year, our theme is Ehi Passiko. Ehi Passiko is a Pali phrase, meaning 'Come and experience for yourself!' We sincerely welcome you to join us, seniors and freshies alike! Visit the site for all the details. Click here to view the Camp Ehipassiko site.

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Dharma Camp - every December holiday

Dharma Camp, like the FOC, is an annual camp organised by our society to bond our members together as well as to develop our learning of the dharma. As such, more emphasis is given to "dharmic" activities, such as meditation practices and talks given by distinguish guests and venerables.

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 More Activities

Annual General Meeting
Dharma Friends Training Course
Meditation Courses
Welfare visits
Temple Tour
Wind Surfing Courses
New Year's Celebration
Recreational Activities

Recent Activities

Moral Welfare Home Visit
Regular Visits to Venerables and Spiritual Advisors
Welcome Tea / Temple Tour
Freshman Orientation Camp

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