Full texts, photographs and cartoons are available for Journalism winners from 1995 - 2006 only. Click a year on the above timeline, then click on the category name. To display winners' names and citations for any year The Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded (1917- present), select a year on the timeline or use one of the forms below.


Please see below for descriptions of available data and terminology Four forms are available:
1) Search for a word in the Pulitzer database of winners and finalists
2) Search the full texts of winning articles and winners' biographies
3) List winners or finalists by category
4) List winners or finalists by year


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Searching the Pulitzer Prize Web site

The Pulitzer Prize Web site includes a database of winners and nominated finalists for each prize category. Information contained in the database includes names, publications, categories, citations and years prizes were awarded. In addition, for winners from 1995 - 2006, there is a complete inventory of winning cartoons, photos, and texts of journalism articles.

Most searches through the database are very efficient. A search through the complete texts of articles will be considerably slower than a database search.



When searching the database it's important to understand the following Pulitzer Prize terminology:

  • A Pulitzer Prize Winner may be an individual, a group of individuals, or a newspaper's staff.
  • Nominated Finalists are selected by the Nominating Juries for each category as finalists in the competition. The Pulitzer Prize Board generally selects the Pulitzer Prize Winners from the three nominated finalists in each category. The names of nominated finalists have been announced only since 1980. Work that has been submitted for Prize consideration but not chosen as either a nominated finalist or a winner is termed an entry or submission. No information on entrants is provided.
  • The Public Service prize is always awarded to a newspaper, not an individual, although an individual may be named in the citation.
  • The Pulitzer Prize Board may elect to bestow No Award in a category in any given year.
  • On rare occasions The Pulitzer Prize Board will award a Special Award or Citation to a work or an individual of particular merit.
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