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The Clarksville Historical Society provides fellowship to those interested in Clarksville history while gathering information, photographs and memorabilia relating to the town’s past. Our town possesses a special heritage as the town founded by General George Rogers Clark, the hero of the Revolutionary War in the west, and the location of the only home he ever owned.

In addition, Clarksville played a unique role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, as the place where Clarksville citizen and town trustee, William Clark, joined with Meriwether to recruit the first members of the Corps of Discovery. Our society commemorates this event with a reenactment each October at the site where the explorers set sail down the Ohio River.

We are of all ages and our membership includes local residents and those of many states. Members receive a 10 issues yearly of a newsletter of society events and Clarksville history. Dues are $10 annually, and may be sent to

Clarksville Historical Society
2000 Broadway
Clarksville, IN 47129

Members play a part in the past, present and future of Clarksville by

Attending: programs, picnics, tours, re-enactments.

Writing: newsletter items, Clarksville research, publicity

Contributing: photos, memorabilia, time, information, funds

Suggesting: activities, programs, projects, research

Enjoying: fellowship, community involvement, historic discovery.

Join us and help to preserve and present the history of Clarksville.


Clarksville Historical Society
2000 Broadway
Clarksville, Indiana 47129

(812) 288-7155 ext.373 or Lynda Meyer (812) 923-5341

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