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When I think of Lindsey, I think of Trojans.
"You might notice that there's a sort of band playing there. And it happens to be the USC marching brass band...that we recorded in Dodgers Stadium one very strange Sunday afternoon when there was nobody else there. And uh, it was one of the big five experiences of my life. Seeing these kids play this song in full regalia with the gold lame boots and the red and the Trojan helmets and screaming and yelling and playing trumpets and I mean, marching into this empty stadium was very twilight zone. You know, and us, five of us standing up there going, my god. I can...this...he could...this could rule the world, you know. These, these, these, you know these kids are so into this. I mean, they're...they stop and they're screaming and they run towards us and we are considering running the other way." ~ Stevie

Fleetwood Mac at Dodgers Stadium 1979 - The video for Tusk was shot in an empty Dodgers Stadium while the U.S.C. Trojan marching band was recording their part of the song. It opens with a shot of abandoned instruments on the lawn in the center of the stadium. Various shots of Lindsey, Christine and Stevie (ever present champagne glasses in hand) are mixed with shots of Mick stomping in time with the music as the band leader directs his crew from the top of a ladder.

Favorite Moments:

  • Stevie looking startled after turning around to find a camera in her face (this was just after she handed Chris a glass of champagne).
  • Lindsey flirting with a busty girl.
  • Stevie twirling her baton in her Princess Di inspired sundress.
  • Mick carrying John's cardboard standup around.
  • Lindsey & Chris trying on their Trojan hats.
  • The band sitting in the stands watching the Trojans strut their stuff.

John: When they did the video for that, I was in uh...Tahiti. And wasn't about to come back for it. So they used a cardboard cutout...which I thought was sort of semi-apropos. Uh...and I saw it when I got back, and it worked out very well. But uh...

Christine: John wants to do that on all the videos.

"What we need on this track is a big band,' I said, refering to Lindsey's song 'Tusk.' My God - I don't think a band could get much bigger! John missed that day, so there he is - larger than life, right behind me, cut out of cardboard." ~ Mick

Tusk Tusk Tusk Tusk Tusk Tusk Tusk

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