What year were you born?


Where did you grow up?

Melbourne - raised Aspendale then Mt Eliza where I was old enough to have the manners to belong there. 

What do you do?

FOX FM Breakfast Show

A few words about yourself

I do bad jokes and silly voices for a living and I love road cycling and Richie Benaud - in reverse order. My fiancee comes third and she accepts that!

Where do you belong?

In bed.

Your favourite piece of music?

Anything by the Lemonheads (and sometimes I sneakily listen to Pavarotti!)

The biggest hurdle you've overcome and how you did it?

I was very fat when I was younger now I'm a little bit less so. It also took me 11 years to get my law degree.

What makes you laugh?

My future wife dancing. The Simpsons. People who take themselves seriously.

Who do you talk to when you've got a problem?

Friends, Parents, Fiancee and the Melbourne public if it rises between 6 and 9 in the morning.

Your greatest achievement?

I think it's still to come, although losing 2 stone in 4 weeks would probably make a good Woman's Day story.

How do you cope with loneliness?

Not very well - my phone bill usually cops it!

How do you relax?

Watching sport, playing sport, watching telly. I don't know really, I'm a little bit hyperactive.

What are your fears, and how do you face them?

Heights - I refuse to . Spiders - I squash them.

Your heroes and role models?

Most of them are sports people which is a dreadful cliché but I also really respect people like Tim Costello for his unselfishness and the courage of his convictions (That's TIM not Peter!!!!!!!!!!)

How have you coped with death and loss?

I've been very lucky not to have experienced this very much. I think by helping those who share the loss is the best way.

Your favourite place in the world?

Home after a long time away.

How have you got through relationship breakups?

Badly - lots of chocolate and teary phone calls to girlfriends and talk back shows.

Where do you draw strength and inspiration from?

The need to pay rent and bills.

Have you ever seen someone like a counsellor, and did it help?

No - but my family members have and they have been varying degrees of help. It always helps to talk to someone.

Your life motto?

Just do it - I'm currently suing a rather large sportswear manufacturer. My mum told me it should be "to thine own self be true!"

The best thing about being alive?

Other people and pizza, if you really must know.

What are your goals for the future?

To get married, stay fit and not lose my job.