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Punjab Rattan awarded to Director & Producer Yash Chopra
Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh today honoured the legendry Bollywood Director Producer Yash Chopra with Punjab Rattan Award
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Explosions in the Explosive
Media fuels attraction for traditional attention but the mind blowing transformation point is realizing we are media
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Call for Stories - The Seven Deadly Errors
I have recently completed a book and am now on...
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The 724 Organization: The BlackBerry Lie
How was your weekend
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Does Anybody Care that Bill Gates Is Stepping Down?
Gender: Masculine
Usage: English
Pronounced: WIL-ee-am, WIL-yam...
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The 10 Truths of "Real" Guerrilla Marketers
In Wikipedia, �Guerrilla Marketing, is an unconventional way of performing...
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Big Nations Distort the Global Balance
As oligopolies and monopolies tend to distort trade large nations may have done more harm than good to global governance
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Caution: Social Net, Working
I ve been thinking a lot lately about where we are on the timeline in regards to social networking I do believe we are now entering the most productive period
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Hot Flashes
Even with all the technology at our disposal we still can t predict the future
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"Smokin' blunts, shooting people and obsessive sex"
MySpace shuts doors to potential workplaces
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Introducing the AO/Technorati Open Media 100

Want to break the lock on mainstream media? So do these folks, and they are inviting us to blow the business wide open.
AlwaysOn and Technorati are pleased to present the first annual "Open Media 100,"  the power list of bloggers, social networkers, tool smiths, and investors leading the Open Media Revolution. If you fancy Vanity Fair's  annual New Establishment list of the media and IT titans who matter (like we didn't already know), you might think of the Open Media 100  as the new,  new establishment - people you may not know but probably should. Although many of these folks may never grace the pages of the high-gloss pubs, they will most certainly be keeping an independent eye on those who do. As we've all witnessed, this is already happening. Both Dan Rather and CNN news chief Eason Jordon were handed their walking papers after being busted by bloggers.

The purpose of this list is to provide an initial, helpful framework of this emerging industry and highlight its key players who are influencing the adoption of open media and proving the impact it is already having on the technology industry, journalism, and marketing. To achieve this goal, we created the following categories: Pioneers, Trendsetters, Practitioners, Toolsmiths, and Enablers. We combined both a subjective and objective process, including nominations from bloggers, surveys, and measurable data using Technorati's blog search engine, which tracks more than 11.5 million weblogs and over 1.2 billion links. We respectfully acknowledge that the list represents our best educated guess in a fast-changing and fluid market. There are obviously many other folks one could persuasively argue should be included (hence our 50 honorable mentions list). And we admit that there was no way we could do justice on this list to the many great open media contributors operating outside of the U.S. who did not pop up on our radar screen.


This list will evolve and change just as quickly as the Open Media Revolution continues to take hold. To our comrades we over-looked, don't fret. In the spirit of the revolution, we have posted this list on AlwaysOn, so that people we might've missed can stand up and be accounted. So, let us have it.

We would especially like to acknowledge and honor the early pioneers: Christoper Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger, who co-authored The Cluetrain Manifesto,  open media's Declaration of Independence; Rebecca Blood, who wrote early on about the nascent phenomenon in The Weblog Handbook;  and Hugh Hewitt, the author of Blog:Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World.  These individuals were critical in establishing the cultural foundation for the movement. These pioneers, and the many others who followed, realize that open media isn't simply about blogs; it's about empowering people to find each other and interact using the connective power of the internet. The Open Media Revolution has always been (and will continue to be) about how to openly share information, collaborate, socialize, and join forces to make this world a better place.

The above post is an excerpt of the feature story in the current issue of AlwaysOn's new quarterly print blogozine. Other features include reflections on seven Chinese sins that might start a revolution, dining & dishing with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and a remarkable survey of 20 twenty-year olds from China and Japan. If you would like to get this issue (and have not yet signed-up), become an AO Insider by clicking here. If you want to buy single copies of this issue, contact Anna Maloney via email or phone 415.751.0170.

Open Media 100 List
Pioneers Trendsetters Practitioners Toolsmiths Enablers
Adam Curry
The Daily Source Code

Dan Gillmor

J. D. Lasica
New Media Musings

Lawrence Lessig
Lessig Blog

Craig Newmark

Yeon Ho Oh

Howard Rheingold
Smart Mobs

Doc Searls
The Doc Searls Weblog

Clay Shirky

David Weinberger

Dave Winer
Scripting News
John Battelle

Rebecca Blood
Rebecca's Pocket

Jason Calacanis
Weblogs, Inc.

Marc Canter
BroadBand Mechanics

Nick Denton
Gawker Media

Cory Doctorow, Mark Frauenfelder, Xeni Jardin, David Pescovitz
Boing Boing

Steve Gillmor

Matt Haughey

Mary Hodder

Doug Kaye
IT Conversations

Amy Jo Kim

Liz Lawley

Eric Olsen

Tim O'Reilly
O'Reilly Media

Eric Rice

Brent Simmons
Ranchero Software

Elizabeth Spiers

Phillip Torrone

Joe Trippi
Change for America

Jeffrey Veen
Adaptive Path
Mohamad Reza Abdollahi
(Imprisoned in Iran for his blog)

Jeff Bates, Rob Malda

Russell Beattie

Duncan Black

N. Z. Bear
The Truth Laid Bear

Stowe Boyd, Hylton Jolliffe

Ana Marie Cox

Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks

Matt Drudge
The Drudge Report

Kevin Drum
Washington Monthly

Barb Dybwad

Mohammed Fadhil, Omar Fadhil
Iraq The Model

Hugh Hewitt

John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson, Paul Mirengoff
Power Line

Jeff Jarvis

Charles Johnson
Little Green Footballs

Mickey Kaus

Jason Kottke

Bob Lutz
General Motors

Om Malik
Om Malik's Broadband Blog

Josh Marshall
Talking Points Memo

Dave Pell

Chris Pirillo

Dave Pogue
New York Times

Glenn Reynolds

Peter Rojas

Steve Rubel
Micro Persuasion

Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz's Blog

Robert Scoble

Roger Simon
Roger L. Simon

Andrew Sullivan
The Daily Dish

James Taranto
The Wall Street Journal

Jon Udell

Eugene Volokh
The Volokh Conspiracy

Jeffrey Zeldman
The Daily Report

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga
Daily Kos
Jonathan Abrams

Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe

Mitchell Baker
Mozilla Foundation

Nick Bradbury
Bradbury Software (acquired by NewsGator)

Stewart Butterfield, Caterina Fake
Flickr (acquired by Yahoo!)

Dan Chan

Bram Cohen

Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, Matt Shobe

Neil Drumm, Zack Rosen
CivicSpace Labs

Mark Fletcher
Bloglines (acquired by AskJeeves)

Janus Friis, Niklas Zennstrom

David Galbraith
David Galbraith's Weblog

Meg Hourihan

Salim Ismail, Bob Wyman

Scott J. Rafer, Scott Johnson, Francois Schiettecatte

Brewster Kahle
Internet Archive

Loic LeMeur
Six Apart

Paul Martino, Mark Pincus

Ross Mayfield

Matt Mullenweg

Greg Reinacker
NewsGator Technologies

Joshua Schachter

Ben and Mena Trott
Six Apart

Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales

Evan Williams
Tim Draper, Steve Jurvetson, Andreas Stavropoulos
Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Esther Dyson
Release 1.0

Bradley Feld
Mobius Venture Capital

Reid Hoffman

David Hornik
August Capital

Joi Ito

Allen Morgan

Pierre Omidyar
Omidyar Network

50 Honorable Mentions list

Rafat Ali

Jeremy Allaire

Andrew Anker
Six Apart

Danah Boyd
University of California-Berkeley

Jerry Brown
City of Oakland

Buzz Bruggeman

Kevin Burton
Rojo Networks

Peter Caputa

Michele Catalano, Alan Nelson
The Command Post

Heather Powazek Champ
The Mirror Project

Suw Charman
Chocolate and Vodka

Brian Dear

Rael Dornfest

Rusty Foster

Natalie Glance

Seth Godin
Seth Godin's Blog

Molly Holzschlag

Denise Howell
Bag and Baggage

Rajesh Jain

Joel Johnson

Peter Kaminski

Joe Kraus, Graham Spencer

Jon Lebkowsky

Jenny Levine
The Shifted Librarian

Christopher Locke

Tom Loosemore, Ben Metcalfe
British Broadcasting Corporation

Rebecca MacKinnon

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

Mike Manuel
Media Guerilla

Dina Mehta
Conversations with Dina

Susan Mernit
Susan Mernit's Blog

Judith Meskill
The Social Software Weblog

Andrew Nachison
The Media Center

Eric Norlin
Ping Identity

Shelley Powers

Ross Rader
Random Bytes

Lee Rainie
Pew Internet & American Life Project

Boris Razon
Le Monde

River ("Girl blog from Iraq")
Baghdad Burning

Jay Rosen

Wendy Seltzer
Legal Tags

Kevin Sites
Kevin Sites Blog

Joel Spolsky
Joel on Software

Halley Suitt
Halley's Comment

Roland Tanglao
Roland Tanglao's Weblog

David Temkin
Laszlo Systems
Kevin Werbach

Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton Dot Net

Fred Wilson
Union Square Ventures

Jeremy Zawodny
Jeremy Zawodny's Blog

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Member Comments

Where is NetModular? -- the ones which actually made this AO site socially enabled? Surely, this AO site would count as making the cut! It was one of the first commercial blogworking sites and I think THE first to produce a printed periodical counterpart from blog content too!

jesse tayler | POSTED: 04.29.06 @10:17

hi Tony,

that is really a good idea!
but how you want to convert that?

Because I have the same doubts as Christoph Jaggi:
How do you define and distinguish between pioneers, trendsetters, practitioners, toolsmiths and enablers?

So far you did not solve that yet

best Regards
Wolfgang from

domain | POSTED: 11.14.05 @12:04

Simply BS. This is just a list of the usual players and big bloggers. Example: no mention of new trend setting scientific websites (like PLOS--Public Library of Science), no mention of science or medical bloggers. We are not trend setters? BS! For our readers, we are. For script writers, like yourself, we aren't

Greetings from Germany
Markus -

info421 | POSTED: 11.14.05 @07:25

This is a great first-step. I'm going to assume that this list is going to undergo dramatic changes from week-to-week, just like the old Top 40 radio playlists. The internet is such a driving foirce of change I cannot imagine the list being "static" unless I'm off base, overestimating the power of the Net to drive CHANGE.

Dave Lucas | POSTED: 06.26.05 @13:44

As an agnostic resource that leverages Everyman's voice through our Online Visibility Engine, I'd be interested in seeing more of the business model leaders who are modifying current open-source and freeware models, and finding profits within (especially those gritty bootstrappers who have done it through sheer force of will).

Wyatt Starnes' TripWire is an elegant model (as Wyatt says (loosely translated): "We found an existing base of over a million downloads, a great name we could brand, and some ingenious technologies, and wrapped support and technical integrity around it... for an easy to digest cost. That's the "genius" of Tripwire".

Our own firm has taken a similar tack and said: "we'll develop the very best of class online visibility and distribution components into a unified engine. Pay what you can, and we assure you you'll get more bang for your buck (aka Online distribution) than anywhere in the Public Relations world. That's what we call Fair Commerce". That's PRWeb.

SixApart is another great leader in this high-value, low-cost model (good to see them listed twice above). Without their TypePad, LiveJournal, Movable type and other platforms, many of this years list would fail to exist in their present form.

Others that definitely deserve some merit are:
* Yahoo's store technology (the very best and most elegant off the shelf shopping cart in the industry).

*iStockPhoto, for bringing the cost of truly professional Stock imagery out of the stratosphere and into the hands of anyone.

*Ken Evoy and his program. As an Alexa 200 site, he has built a dynasty by assuring neophyte and expert users all gain success by folowing the golden rules of commerce: traffic, a sales process, and the classic Joe Sugarman/Drew Kaplan conversational writing style that continues to outsell nearly every other approach.

I understand how difficult assembling this list must have been... and look very forward to next years results. My hat is off to you for risking the arrows to get this thing started. Talk about trying to nail down a moving target!

Thanks for a consistantly phenomenal product (and Yes, I still miss The Industry Standard...;-)


David McInnis | POSTED: 06.26.05 @02:30

Next year we are going to create a wiki about four months before publication of the OM 100 list and really stir it up. My guess is the make-up of this list will alter fairly dramatically, as more entrepreneurs and investors jump in and new sectors, such as the scientific websites noted below, mature and gain influence.

Tony Perkins | POSTED: 06.24.05 @09:30

Hi echocardiography - Indeed, as you noted, there are no science nor medical bloggers included as trendsetters or practitioners. This first year, inaugural list is largely based on Technorati's search engine rankings and measurable data which is mostly dominated by political, technology, and media oriented blogs, as well as input from open nominations from bloggers. Next year's list will look very different - we will also initiate an open process to select the categories, criteria, topic focus, to guide the nominations of the 2006 Open Media 100. Including science and medical bloggers is a great idea, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your input helps us to improve the process.

Valerie Cunningham | POSTED: 06.23.05 @19:47

.......hearing lesions at the core

[jch] | POSTED: 06.23.05 @17:16

Simply BS. This is just a list of the usual players and big bloggers. Example: no mention of new trend setting scientific websites (like PLOS--Public Library of Science), no mention of science or medical bloggers. We are not trend setters? BS! For our readers, we are. For script writers, like yourself, we aren't.

echocardiography | POSTED: 06.23.05 @16:36

No entry found for disturbulated.

Did you mean disarticulated? [probably]

No entry was found in the dictionary. Would you like to search the Web for disturbulated?

For better results, try our search tips.

[jch] | POSTED: 06.23.05 @16:22

Rich, forget the reporter for the major newspaper... i can see how he's confused. For the most part they make up the subjects and names - look at the Mike Barnacle of the B Globe.

Hell with that ... I want to podcast with everyone on that list...

John Furrier | POSTED: 06.22.05 @22:52

Dear Disturbulated

This is the first year of the list, entirely unranked. so any movement will only become apparent in next year's list at the earliest. We'd like to hear what people haev to say about which metrics to use in ranking (there are lots of potentials).

There's a massive differnce between multimedia and blogging. Multimedia was done by few, with a huge audience (essentially broadcast), while blogging is many-to-many. That's what matters.

Rich Seidner | POSTED: 06.22.05 @22:00 | I rated this blog: [5]

I'm a reporter for a major newspaper, and I'm writing an article on the New Media. I'm a little confused and hope someone can help me out.

How will I be able to tell whether someone is (frankly) moving up on the list or moving down? Are any of those on the list showing their age, so to speak?

I'm glad I was already familiar with some of the names on the list, but some I wasn't and they're quite interesting. Thanks for the helpful list.

P.S. Can I just re-write the columns I wrote during the MultiMedia Revolution, re-purposing my old content for the new revolution? Or, are there major differences between multimedia and blogging?

disturbulated | POSTED: 06.22.05 @20:13

You've got to ad Manolo the Shoeblogger somewhere. He's probably inspired more fashion bloggers (and imitators) than anyone else out there.

mluxury | POSTED: 06.22.05 @17:54

I agree with poster Ed. The value of good blogs is their evanescence: intense conversations that flare up, generate much heat and not a little light, and then disappear forever.

As with a floating crap game or dance party, it matters not where the event takes place. It's about the network, not the blogger.

tpmclaughlin | POSTED: 06.22.05 @16:08

there's a lovely layout in the magazine

Rich Seidner | POSTED: 06.22.05 @13:33

It's a great list but don't you think it deserves a better layout than a big table with the borders turned on?

joeflood | POSTED: 06.22.05 @11:27

Great list! Certainly some of the early players in the "Open Media Space"

I am curious, I've heard reference to Open Media, Open Source Media, Participatory Media, Citizen Journalism, rumors of a GoingOn network. How are all these things differentiated if at all?

Just trying to get it straight in my head.....

krisj | POSTED: 06.22.05 @10:28

Thanks for giving the next generation a list of new people to break the lock on.

If you really want to "blow the business" why don't you break the cycle?

Or is it just the way of things that yesterday's innovations are tomorrow's drudgeries?

To all of this I say a loud :ho.hum:!

(p.s. what about those perpetual outsiders at - or are they too consistently innovative?)

hosting | POSTED: 06.22.05 @10:19

the first step is always hard


Sparky | POSTED: 06.22.05 @08:20

Two remarks:

1) the list focuses on blogs in english and thus is not representative for the global market

2) How do you define and distinguish between pioneers, trendsetters, practitioners, toolsmiths and enablers? Looking for example at Dave Winer, there is no question that he fits all those categories.

Christoph Jaggi | POSTED: 06.22.05 @06:31

We agree with you Ed -- Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Tony Perkins | POSTED: 06.21.05 @12:34

I'm a little suspicious of lists like this, particularly when it comes to open or social media, where we're all trying hard to move beyond broadcast mode and engage in real dialogues. But that's the beauty of the medium--even a list of heavy hitters like this, to have any credibility in this space, has to open itself up to criticism.

I don't mean to sound churlish--I've learned a great deal from some of the folks on this list, and I respect their contributions immensely. But the essence of open/social media is its emphasis on (small "d") democratic access and the innumerable conversations that result.

Even as we pay our respects to the people who've made all this possible, we should resist the impulse to see them as broadcasters and remain determined to put their tools to our own ends.

Ed Batista | POSTED: 06.21.05 @12:02

now that's a list...lets see who continues to innovate....

I would add another name: "All Early Adopters Users" - without users there are no Pioneers Trendsetters Practitioners Toolsmiths Enablers

John Furrier | POSTED: 06.21.05 @10:10

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