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Reviews of Grant Palmer's Work
An overview of five reviews of Grant Palmer's Insider's View.
DNA and the Book of Mormon
Does DNA evidence disprove the Book of Mormon?
Under the Banner of Heaven
A review of the popular book by Jon Krakauer.
The Lost Book of Abraham
A balanced review of a slick anti-Mormon film currently being shown.
Mormonism 201
Review of Mormonism 101, by McKeever & Johnson.
Reviews of The New Mormon Challenge
Blake Ostler takes on the Evangelical assumptions evident in this new work.
The Truth About "The God Makers"
Classic, line-by-line examination of this anti-Mormon film and book.
They Lie In Wait to Deceive
Classic examination of anti-Mormon tactics and personalities.


Anti-Mormon Efforts at the 2002 Winter Olympics

These pictures document the efforts of some critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These pictures were taken on the afternoon of February 15, 2002 in Salt Lake City, during the 2002 Winter Olympics. They were taken along South Temple between West Temple and Main Street by Gary Bowler.

The links provided under each picture provide additional information that explain these sensationalistic claims. We allow all people to worship who, where, or what they may--and trust the reader can determine if picketing a sacred edifice is Christian behavior.


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Are Mormons a Cult? Are Mormons Christian?


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Was Joseph Smith a False Prophet?


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Are Blacks Cursed? Are Mormons Racist?


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Does God Have a Body?


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Is Jesus the Devil's Brother?



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