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LOCKSS [external] stands for Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe. It is a tool developed by the Stanford-based archiving/access initiative of the same name, which enables academic libraries to provide continuing access to licensed e-journals. The LOCKSS initiative is an alliance of publishers and libraries to provide low-cost and persistent "caches" of content licensed to libraries from publishers, so that they own the content they have paid for, in much the same way as in the printed environment. Without undermining the publishers' access control systems, the LOCKSS software enables institutions to locally collect, store, preserve, and archive authorised content. LOCKSS is suitable for all file formats delivered via the HTTP protocol and available as open source software. It is designed to run on inexpensive hardware and requires little system administration. Over 80 libraries and 60 publishers world-wide are currently participating in the LOCKSS programme.

There is agreement that central UK support service will be a crucial enabling factor to encourage the take-up of LOCKSS. The DCC has been awarded additional funding through JISC/CURL to provide a two year UK LOCKSS Technical Support Service. A LOCKSS Technical Support Officer (LTSO) based at the DCC, will provide both technical and non technical support to the LOCKSS community in the UK, including first line support and development of publisher specific plug-ins, as well as training and awareness raising events. The LTSO will also assist the libraries in collection development by liaising with relevant bodies to identify non-NESLi content of common interest.


A call for participation was issued by JISC in partnership with CURL in November 2005 (JISC Circular 7/05: UK LOCKSS pilot programme [external]), and twenty-four institutions successfully joined the programme, launched in March 2006. In addition, a second call for participation was issued for Associate Membership, and six associate members joined the programme in July 2006. Please visit the UK LOCKSS Pilot strand [external] section of the JISC website for further details of the pilot programme and a full listing of participating institutions.

Mailing Lists

A general list for UK LOCKSS participants [external] has been created to facilitate communication within the growing UK LOCKSS community. General questions, announcements, and discussions about non-technical aspects of LOCKSS, including services, policies, legal issues, features and functions are suitable for discussion there.

LOCKSS Technical Support Service

Please e-mail if you require technical support for your LOCKSS appliance. This address is also suitable for general questions about the LOCKSS Technical Support Service and the DCC's role within the LOCKSS Pilot Programme.

As the LOCKSS Technical Support Service develops, online resources such as FAQs and knowledge bases will be made available.

LOCKSS Technical Support Officer

Adam Rusbridge, based at HATII, University of Glasgow, is the LOCKSS Technical Support Officer. Please direct all LOCKSS communications to him.

LOCKSS Documents

Documents relating to LOCKSS and LOCKSS participants are published in a restricted area of this site.
View the LOCKSS Documents.