John Louis Petit (1801-1868)

To put the life of the English Amateur artist John Louis Petit into perspective this pages contains details of his family tree. It can be a bit confusing as the family names John, Louis/Lewis and Hayes crop up a lot so there at least two John Louis/lewis Petits mentioned. Records that I have seen seem to ignore females so these details may be incomplete.

Here is a simple family tree.

John Petit (1714 )
had one son....
John Lewis (Louis) Petit (1736-1780)
He married Katherine Laetitia Serces in 1769.
They had three sons....

John Hayes Petit (1771-1822)
a second son whose name I do not know and
Lewis Hayes Petit (1774-1849)

John Hayes married Hariet Astley in 1800.
They had one son and a daughter....

John Louis Petit (1801-1868) who is the main subject of these pages. Again the sisters name is unknown.


John Lewis Petit (1736-1780)

Born 1736. Died 27th May 1780 and buried in St Annes's Soho.
Eldest Son of John Petit (b 1714) of Little Aston Hall Shenstone.
He graduated B.A. 1756; M.A. 1759; M.D. 1766; F.R.C.P 1767; and was Censor 1768, 1774 and 1777. He was Gulstonian Lecturer in 1768 and Physician to St George's Hospital 1770-1774. and to St Bartholomew's Hospital 1774-1780. He became F.R.S. in 1759.
In November 1769 he married Katherine Laetitia, the daughter of the Rev. James Serces, preacher at the French Chapel Royal, London.
They had two sons John Hayes Petit(1771-1780) and Lewis Hayes Petit(1774-1849).


John Hayes Petit (1771-1822)

Born 3rd May 1771. Died 26th July 1822.
The eldest son of John Lewis Petit (1736-1780). His brother was Lewis Hayes Petit.
John Hayes graduated B.A 1793 and M.A. 1796. He lived in Staffordshire and was a J.P.
He married Harriet Astley, daughter of John Astley on 31st July 1800. They had one son John Louis Petit in 1801.



Lewis Hayes Petit (1774-1849)

Born 8th November 1774. Died 13th November 1849.
Third son of John Lewis Petit (1736-1780). His brother was John Hayes Petit (1771-1822).
B.A. 1792; M.A. 1799. Admitted at Lincoln's Inn, 2nd April 1791. Called to the Bar 1801. Hee was on the Chester and North Wales Circuit and was M.P. for Ripon 1827-1832.


John Louis Petit (1801-1868)

John Louis Petit the son of John Hayes Petit and Harriet Astley, was born at Ashton Under Lyme on May 31st 1801. He was educated at Eton and then elected to a scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge from where he graduated B.A. in 1823 and M.A. in 1826.

He took Holy Orders in 1824 - hence Rev. John Louis Petit - but did not perform any parochial work. He was a keen amateur artist with an interest in Church Architecture and showed a taste for sketching in early years. His drawings in pencil and Indian ink were delicate and correct and his favourite subjects were old churches. He spent much of his life visiting and sketching - which was always done on the spot.

In later life he lived at Shifnal and then Lichfield during which time he sketched many churches and other scenes in Staffordshire and Shropshire. Subjects included Tixall Gatehouse, Brook Cottage (Norbury Mill) at Norbury, and Lilleshall Abbey. Many of these are now owned by The Staffordshire Museums and Art Gallery.

He died in Lichfield on 2nd December 1868 - from a cold caught while sketching! He was the last of the male Petit line.

His publications include
Remarks on Church Architechtureture. London: G. Burns. 1841 8vo.


Much of this information has been collated from

Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1860

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Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and English Engravers.

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