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The BRICKS Platform, an innovative framework for the development of distributed digital libraries, aims to become the standard toolkit for cultural heritage application development. The Digital Rights Management module includes all the functionalities and features needed by digital content providers and cultural institutions to make the most of their media assets. The BRICKS DRM architecture is the easiest and most accessible technological choice for such scenarios with the added value of being distributed as open-source software and based only on open standards.

The BRICKS demo shows a complete workflow for digital content distribution, focusing on DRM related aspects. The user can see how to use the BRICKS desktop application to create content, annotate it with metadata, and define IPR policies. In addition, the user can understand how the same content items are assessable through the BRICKS Workspace application in a DRM controlled way, performing full clearance of digital rights. The demo allows viewers to learn how to define digital rights, set content distribution policies and licensing schemes, access licensed content packages according to a defined set of rules.

PARTNER SEARCH: Private, academic & public digital content curators, maintainers & distributors for state-of-the-art digital libraries. Cultural heritage & academic institutions. IT service providers. New BRICKS Community Members.

“Attending the CommunicAsia2006 fair was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the BRICKS Community in Southeast Asia, membership of which is open to all and free of charge.”
Fiore Basile, BRICKS project representative

The BRICKS Consortium comprises a variety of organisations ranging from software development businesses, cultural heritage institutions, as well as private and academic research bodies. The project aims to establish the organisational and technological foundations of a Digital Library based on European Digital Memory.

The twenty-four participating organisations are from Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, the Russian Federation, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Vatican City State.


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