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Pony Club College Scholarship Deadline - the deadline for the four available Pony Club College Scholarships - The Renfro, Helbert, Jubilee and Vita Flex - is March 31st.  Detailed information and Scholarship application is available on our web site under "Opportunities and Events". 


Don't forget the deadline for C-3 applications for testings from April 1st through July 31st is March 1st. Applications must be complete and sent to the national office postmarked by March 1st.

On January 20, 2006, the USPC Board of Governors voted to approve the 2007 implementation of Specialty Standards in Dressage and Show Jumping. The Specialty Ratings have been adopted to give our membership more opportunities.

Beginning in January 2007, Pony Club members may obtain C-3, B and A level ratings in Dressage and/or Show Jumping. A new level of Horse Management, the HB, will also be available. (See the Specialty Rating Standards for Dressage and Show Jumping, and the new HB, on the USPC website, including the Pony Club Tree of Learning). Members may still obtain the Traditional ‘Eventing’ ratings based on the requirements of riding on the flat, riding over fences and riding in the open, which we have used for the basis of our curriculum for 52 years.

The approval of the Specialty Ratings favorably concludes extensive work by an ad hoc committee appointed by USPC President Margo Leithead to study the feasibility of Specialty Ratings and the wishes of membership. The ad hoc committee included members of the USPC Board of Governors, Instruction and Activity Councils, and professionals from the equine world.

Pony Club members across the country cite loss of Eventing venues and open land, increased time commitments at school, and financial constraints as some of the reasons the Traditional ‘Eventing’ rating levels are difficult to attain by many. Allowing specialization in Dressage and Show Jumping will permit members with particular interest in those areas to specialize. The requirements in each are more sophisticated and at higher levels than in the Traditional track. Numerous equine professionals, including judges and instructors, worked together to develop these Specialty Standards.

For more information, please contact


ATTN DCs and RSs: the Insurance Info packet will be mailed to you later this week.

Annual Discipline Newsletters are now on-line! -
The Annual Newsletters for DressageEventing, GamesQuiz and Tetrathlon are now available on the USPC website. Show Jumping and Polocrosse have not submitted Newsletters at this time, but keep checking the website for them.

Rolex Announcement  - The Charles Owen Helmet Company is once again sponsoring a cross-country course walk for USPC members this year. Great Britain’s Polly Stockton, winner of both Rolex and Badminton, has agreed to lead the walk.


Championships West

Opening date –- May 5
Closing date - June 23

Championships East

Opening date - May 5
Closing date - July 7

New Tetrathlon Division - For the 2006 competition year, Tetrathlon has added an Intermediate Division.  This division is for ages 12 and up who are new to Tetrathlon or as a stepping stone from Novice to Junior.  Participants may compete in this division for one year only.  They will run 1000 meters, Swim 100 meters and jump up to 2' 9".  Novice, Junior and Senior riders may jump down one level with a 200-point penalty and still qualify for Championships.  At Championships, riders that qualified by riding down, will jump their qualifying height at Championships and take the 200-point penalty. Intermediate riders may NOT jump down and qualify. 

Eventing - A Beginner Novice division has been added to Eventing for Western Championships 2006.  Qualifications are C1 and 12 years of age as well as the two affidavits required of all Eventing qualifiers.
The Eventing committee will decide on whether or not to add Beginner Novice for Festival 2007 at a later date. 

2006 Spring Newsletters - Dressage, Eventing and Games Spring Newsletters will be posted under publications with the rulebooks this week.

2007 Festival Dates - July 16-24, 2007.  Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY.


Important Reminder to all DCs/RSs:

When submitting any Participating Membership, said member SHALL NOT participate in any way until complete, correct paperwork, along with appropriate dues are RECEIVED in the USPC office.  If there is any doubt whether or not Member is eligible for participation, please contact Member Services 859-254-7669 or for verification.  It is recommended that membership paperwork and dues are mailed well in advance or that they be mailed by a track-able method.  UPSC is not responsible for delays caused by US Postal Service or other delivery methods.

At any time throughout the year, a DC or RS may request a roster for the Club or Region to verify USPC membership records. Simply submit your request to Elaine at or by calling 859-254-7669, ext. 232.

Additionally, please remember that according to the USPC D Standard of Proficiency, members must join at least one month PRIOR to attempting a rating.  See "Requirements for Candidates (D1 through D3)" for more information.