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Swedish minister jailed for "anti-gay" speech

Stockholm, Sweden, Jul. 06, 2004 ( - The Rev. Ake Green, the pastor of a Swedish Pentecostal church in Kalmar, Sweden, has been sentenced to one month in prison for inciting hatred against homosexuals. Green was prosecuted in January for "hate speech against homosexuals" for a sermon he preached last summer citing Biblical references to homosexuality.

Sweden has a "hate crimes" law that forbids criticism of homosexuality. According to the church newspaper Kyrkans Tidning , the prosecutor in the case, Kjell Yngvesson, justifies the arrest of Green: "One may have whatever religion one wishes, but this is an attack on all fronts against homosexuals. Collecting Bible citations on this topic as he (Green) does makes this hate speech."

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Subscriber Comments from Sound Off

One of the posts asked -- Who is next?

Well, If Ted Kennedy has his way, it will be you and I folks. Last year, Ted sponsored a bill in the Senate that would have added discrimination against homosexuals to the hate laws already in existance in the US.

If Ted's party gains control of the Senate, look for this bill to be reintroduced.

We will never see it, but just imagine all of the remaining Christians pastors (not modernists) gving the same sermon on a specified day as a show of solidairty for the Rev. Ake Green. I wonder how the goverment on Sweden would handle such an event.

Robin: the real life-haters are sodomites who in their desolate fury persecute any who call them on their perversion. When you start accusing people of "hate speech" and hatred in general, are you sure you're qualified to read minds? Or do you just not like what they are saying?

Jim, it's not willingness to die for the faith that we lack here. It is willingness to live for the faith. I was just fired from a parish for preaching that using the pill and supporting pro-aborts is a sin that must be confessed before communion. I am too divisive for that parish-sin, confess, the real presence aren't popular with many(ref. JPII). Dying may be easier than living; putting our values ahead of our pocket books and comfort seems to be too difficult for some. God save our people.

PHILOSOPHY TRUMPS RELIGION...! ? That's what Yngvesson would have Pastor Green think.

Who's next? Who's brave enough to follow Pastor Green's example? Bishop? Archbishop? Anyone? Anyone?

I think anyone siding someone who incites hatred against homosexuals (or anyone else) can't call himself a christian or a worthy person. Don't use religion for fostering hate just say you hate your life and want everyone else's to be as bad!

I think our bishops are safe.

If you want to share your views the swedish government you can access this web-site. there is a link to send email to the swedish prime minister Göran Persson. Let's scare him

We have got to work for a Defense of Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. If we remain silent in the face of the insanity of same-sex "marriages," what has happened in Sweden will happen here. If same-sex “marriage” is a civil right, then people who defend traditional marriage will be accused of bigotry and arrested for hate speech.

Is anti-Christian hate-speech also illegal in Sweden?

Hell hath no fury like a sodomite scorned.

Pastor Green is part a long line of people persecuted for the faith, starting with Christ Himself.

Are we ready to die for our faith?

I notice very few people praying and witnessing to the value of human life in front of places where unborn children are ripped apart! Could it be too risky?

Yes, there is a risk being a Christian as Pastor Green has shown by his courageous actions.

Who will be next?

Let us pray for Pastor Green, our brother in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, and for the real conversion of Sweden to Christ.

We didn't have to wait long to see an example of just the sort of persecution Cardinal Poupard alludes to in his comments reported in another of today's CWNews feature stories. Anybody out there inclined to think Cardinal Poupard is playing Chicken Little?

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