September 28, 2006

It’s too easy

Hi everyone. I’d probably be posting a lot more if it wasn’t like shooting fish in a barrel.

June 29, 2006

Cory Switches to Linux

Hey everyone, stop the presses! Lifetime Mac fanboy Cory Doctorow is switching to Linux! And, he’s “planning on documenting every step of [his] switch” on Boing Boing!

Kottke says Apple should be worried!

May 17, 2006

Cory Quote of the Day

Boing Boing isn’t a select-then-publish site

Also, wtf is up with this huge, super gushy post about some RSS filtering site? Isn’t this feature common in RSS readers? I know the one I use has a nice filtering system, and I don’t have to go through some who-knows-how-long-it-will-be-around-or-what-kind-of-uptime-it-will-have web 2.0 service. I was expecting to see “(Disclosure — I am proud to serve on the FeedRinse board of bullshit techonology advisors)” at the end of the article. This is just retarded.

May 3, 2006

New worst post ever?

It probably won’t be there for long (seriously, look at the horrible posts it’s currently outranking), but Star Wars/LotR mashup - see Gandalf/Yoda disco-fight! has just acheived an unheard of score of 1831. God damn, that sucks.

April 30, 2006

My barber isn’t present on any of my trips, period.

There has been some recent comedy on Cory’s Wikipedia entry that led to the addition (and swift removal) of this “trivia” section:

  • Doctorow travels three weeks a month for work purposes. As with some travellers, he carries photos of his preferred hairstyle on long trips. Contrary to popular belief, Doctorow no longer refers to his hairstyle as “The Magic Kingdom”.
  • Claims to be left-handed, but is actually right-handed.

Cory (who for some reason nobody calls out on editing his own entry) doesn’t get it:

I’ve got no idea why the stuff about the haircut is in there, but at least it should be accurate. No one calls a flat-top haircut “The Magic Kingdom.” I carry the photos on long trips of several weeks or more when I’m likely to need a haircut, not on trips when my “regular barber isn’t present.” My barber isn’t present on any of my trips, period.


April 18, 2006

Kottke Sucks

He’s not Cory, but he’s almost as bad:

This is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen….graffiti artist/entrepreneur Marc Ecko tagged Air Force One. The US govt can’t even effectively guard the President’s plane…how does Homeland Security expect to do it with all commercial passenger airplanes? (via airbag)

Hmm, so a clothing designer trespassed on federal property and vandalized the President’s plane? And videotaped himself doing? And put the video on the internet? Oh, wait:

Nevermind…the video is fake.

No shit, dude.

April 12, 2006

Now in Beta: Graphs

Just in time for Cory’s return, I’ve got a new feature up and running: corysucks graphs! This will let you compare story topics over time. A few examples:

drm & human rights
cory & jesus
linux, os x & windows

Let me know if you spot any bugs, and feel free to comment with any feedback or just to point out some HILARIOUS graphs.

March 31, 2006

The Most Insane Run-on Sentence of All Time

If you thought this one was bad, look at this sentence from Cory’s year-old post on a book about squatters:

Last month, I gave a talk at a Berkeley law class and one of the students pointed out that when we talk about orphan works and the problem of discovering who has the right to authorize the use of old or obscure creative works, we treat this as a major difference between “intellectual property” and real property; but in the developing world, the ownership of physical land is anything but clear-cut; where you have squatters who’ve been sold deeds to their land by unscrupulous bureaucrats in exchange for votes, or where politicos have issued deeds to their cronies selling title to land that has been occupied for decades, or squatters who are granted title to their land, but who then have to resolve whether the squatter whose home is on the ground floor gets the title, or whether it’s the squatter who’s built her dwelling on the roof; or where you have squatters who’ve built and then rented out their squats to tenants who’ve occupied them for years — who owns that land?

Holy shit!

Ignoring for a second how dumb this argument is, that’s an assload of words (173 to be exact). Does Cory not even look at this stuff before he posts it?

One of the things that bugs me about Boing Boing (and Cory in particular) is how the writers act like copyright or “free speech” issues are on the same level as basic human rights/needs. It’s really, really stupid to make self-important arguments like this. To make it simple:

  • Homeless people have it a lot rougher than dudes who want to make t-shirts with Mickey Mouse on them.
  • To someone living under a dictatorship, not being able to read the latest Boing Boing posts about anagram subway maps is probably the least of their worries.
  • I know the phrase “I gave a talk at a Berkeley law class” is supposed to be impress me, but really it just made me glad that I didn’t go to law school.

Yeah, free speech is important and DRM sucks. And it would be great if all the governments in the world would let their citizens log on to the internet and read your insane ramblings. But try to get a little perspective, dude.

March 30, 2006

This Just In


March 29, 2006

This Guy Gets Paid to Write?

Check out this awe-inspiring run-on sentence from Cory’s post about The Smartest Guys in the Room and Good Night and God Luck:

The filmmakers got astonishing on-camera interviews with insiders from a Portland linesman who lost his pension when Enron bought the state utility he’d worked for all his life to a senior Enron exec who left just before things went horribly wrong and who is visibly moved in discussing the suicide of one of her peers, who she describes as a good person, despite his participation in a shell-game that bankrupted tens of thousands of workers who lost everything in his shell-game.

OMG! I think my head just exploded.

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