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Randy Bens (randy@conemo.com)

Electoral District: Ottawa West-Nepean

Randy Bens *Party:* Canadian Action Party

*Age:* 35

*Birthplace:* Cold Lake, Alberta

*Education:* Terminal BA in English, Ottawa University.

*Profession:* Internet Marketing Specialist and business owner.

*Career Background:* He worked as an Organiser for the Newspaper Guild under the direction of Mr. Arnold Amber, CBC. He also worked for several years as an Organiser within the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and some years for the Hotel Workers Union. He has worked for such technology providers as PSINet, RBA, MasTec and others earning Certification as a specialist in technology. He also /worked/ directly for Sam Karkache owner of Lorenzo's for more than a year.

*Community Activities:* He has campaigned with national and international labour organizations attending strikes and demonstrations in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver against poor health & safety standards and working conditions. He volunteers on a regular basis as an Organiser for various struggling local unions. On December 5, 2005 he received a letter from the office of the President of Teamsters Canada on behalf of an appreciative General President Jimmy Hoffa for his personal support. Randy has assisted the Hotel Workers, UNITE, UA, Labourers, Engineers and more in organising efforts. In his spare time, he also spends time speaking with the homeless in Ottawa seeking options to assist them in coping with poverty by putting them in touch with available resources.

*Electoral History*
*Party:* Current member of the Canadian Action Party in good standing.

*Riding Address:* 61 McEwen Avenue
Ottawa, Ont.
K2B 5L3


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