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Concept Foundation (CF)
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Name Concept Foundation (CF)


The Concept Foundation, a non-profit foundation was established, through the initiative of UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/WB Special program in Reproductive Health (WHO/HRP), PATH, World Bank and other organizations in 1989 in Bangkok, Thailand, as a mechanism through which WHO’s rights associated with an injectable contraceptive, Cyclofem, could be licensed onwards to potential producers in developing countries. Under these licensing agreements the manufacturer was required to treat any government body, non-profit entities, or member of the United Nations system as the public sector and offer preferential pricing compared to private sector market pricing. Conditions of licensing also assess a reasonable rate of return for public sector sales, but prohibit the recovery of marketing, research, and development cost on public sector sales. Since that time the Concept Foundation has gone on to successfully introduce several new quality reproductive health technologies that address the needs of people living in developing countries, at affordable prices. The Foundation ensures that these health products are manufactured under international standards, properly registered and licensed, and distributed and marketed with appropriate training and counseling services. The Concept Foundation is currently an active partner in a total of 10 public-private partnerships involving the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Since its inception in 1989, more than 120 million doses of Cyclofem have been manufactured and sold as well as more than 40 million HIV dipsticks have been produced and sold by licensees world wide. To date, products have been manufactured in 8 different countries and are made available in more than 30 developing countries. With a secretariat in Thailand, Concept operated with a small staff of 7 employees in 2004, outsourcing functional capacity to maintain organizational flexibility and cost-efficiency. Concept Foundation received substantial financial support from World Health Organization, World Bank, United Nations Population Fund, Rockefeller Foundation, Packard Foundation, PATH and International Planned Parenthood Federation to build up its institutional and operational capacities (approximately $3.5 million between 1989 and 2002), but increasingly relies on licensing income it receives to finance operations. In fiscal year 2004 Concept posted revenues of $0.9 million with a budget of $0.8, and showed net assets of $0.2 million.
Last update : 7-Mar-2006
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