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The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAF) offers scholarships to graduate students (excluding veterinary and medical sciences) for Masters degree and PhDs in Germany.


Knowledge of the German language (Certificate of Goethe Institute (advanced level) or equivalent) Important: If you don’t have any knowledge of the German language application is not possible!

University Masters degree (2.1 or above)

Not older than 30yrs at the time of application

Social commitment

If you meet the above mentioned criteria please send an e-mail to info@kaf.co.zw for more detailed application requirements or visit www.kas.de/begabtenfoerderung/687_webseite.html.

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31 July 2005


Germany Scholarships Programme


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Zimbabwe Celebrates 25 years of Independence

Zimbabwe marked her 25th Independence anniversary on the 18th of April 2005. An estimated 40,000 people mostly school children, and specially invited guests attended the celebration and heard the presidential address at a Chinese-built sports stadium in Harare. The independence day celebration was also another day for soccer supporters, who witnessed soccer matches, one in Bulawayo, and in Harare, at the venues of the celebration parties. In a flashy show, four new Chinese jet fighters screamed low across the sky, as school kids who had attended the event held at the stadium flashed cards on cue, creating a huge portrait of Mr. Mugabe, while flag-waving spectators cheered. A dozen pigeons, meant to symbolize peace and freedom, were sent fluttering into the air, before the stage was alighted for Mugabe’s 35-minute, speech which was nationally televised. In the speech Mugabe declared, while insisting that the "contented" people of Zimbabwe have no need of Western-style democracy. He said, "We have turned east, where the sun rises, and given our back to the West, where the sun sets," he also told the people attending that, "We proclaim our pan-African spirit, stressing we shall never be a colony again." The speech also chronicled Zimbabwe’s economic and social achievements, which today lie in darkness as the country is plagued by shortages of food, fuel and foreign currency. Agriculture, considered the mainstay of the country and which earned the country the title “as the breadbasket of southern Africa,” has collapsed, and the economy has shrunk by about 40% since year 2000. Zimbabwe is also ravaged by an HIV/AIDS epidemic that is killing almost 3,000 people a week. Almost 3.6 million of Zimbabwe's 11, 2 million people have fled the country, living as economic refugees in South Africa, Botswana, Britain and other countries. This Independence day celebration was attended by the leaders including, President Pohamba, of Namibia, President Mogae, (Botswana), President Kabila, (Democratic Republic of Congo) President Mkapa (Malawi), Prime Minister Dos Santos, (Angola) Prime Minister, Ms Louisa Diogo (Mozambique) Mr., Kolomo (of the UN envoy,) Algerian Senate President, Comesa’s secretary general, AU delegation, Former President of Zambia, Mr. Kenneth Kaunda, and South Africa was represented by a Cabinet minister. Before this occasion, to mark the 25 years of independence, the guests were hosted at the Harare International Conference Centre, were some Zimbabwe’s luminaries were issued with honors and awards of excellence in the development of the country in the past 25 years. The highest honor, the order of the star of Zimbabwe (gold) was awarded to the late former and first post independence Finance Minister, Zimbabwe’s Renowned artist, and first black resident author at the University of Zimbabwe. The order of the great Zimbabwe (Silver) was received by the late founding member of Zanu PF and an architect of the rebellion against the colonial systems as well as the late and the country’s first black medical doctor and architect of rebellion against colonial governance and systems. The order of the great Zimbabwe (Gold) were also awarded to the late vice Presidents, Nkomo and Muzenda. Foreign dignitaries were also given awards for helping toward attainment of the Zimbabwean independence. The order of Royal Munhumutapa was awarded to former Presidents of Angola, the late Dr. Neto, former president of Botswana, the late Sir Khama, former President of Mozambique, Mr. Machel, Tanzania’s former President, Dr. Nyerere and the Former president of Zambia Dr. Kaunda. The foreign leaders were instrumental in the struggle for Zimbabwe’s Independence, hosting the struggle fighters.

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