The True Origin Of

The Cardiff Giant

by L. Frank Baum


In ancient days as we are told
Noah marched the animals into the fold,
Then closed the door of hickory bark,
Of which material he made the ark.

He shipped a man of monst'rous size,
Who was noted for his wond'rous lies.
There was but one of his race to be found,
And he was so wicked Noah had him bound.

After three days amid the flood,
Noah called the man of Giant blood,
And brought him on the dock of his ship,
As he wished to talk to his Giantship.

"Pooh!" said the Giant, "the water ain't deep."
(This like most of his lies was rather steep.)
Noah said, "it was both, he could make it plain,
It was over the head of this monst'rous man.

"Noah!  won't you believe?"  The Giant was mad;
He would show him the truth of what he said.
So into the water he jumped with a thud---
Went down to the bottom-- and stuck in the mud!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The flood subsided, and on Time flew.
Of the Giant that drowned, no man ever knew
Until the matter was lately made clear,
By a man at Cardiff, not far from here.

One day as he was digging a well,
He struck something hard--what it was he couldn't tell;
So he dug all around and there he found
A monstrous man stuck fast in the ground.

Soon threw the country the news it flew,
And people flocked round the Giant [illegible].
Some were dubious, and others would tell,
That someone had made it to get up a sell.

But the wise believe this story they say,
He was a Giant of Noah's day
Who sunk to the bottom and got stuck in the clay
Because he was stubborn, and would have his own way.

Text transcribed and edited by Scott Andrew Hutchins, based on the text in The Rose Lawn Home Journal 1:3, as photoreproduced in The Baum Bugle 85.