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Bayside High School  


Where do schools get the new applications?

2006-2007 Applications were sent via email to high school principals and assistant principals. Applications to attend Bayside are generally initiated by the student's current school.

Can a parent fill out an application for a child?

Yes. Parents may pick up an application in the Bayside High School front lobby. The application may be filled out at that time and submitted or taken home and submitted at a later date.

Can a new 9th grader just out of middle school apply for Bayside?

Not at this time. Bayside will accept applications after a student has attended the first semester of 9th grade at his/her traditional high school. Until that time, Oak Park may be an option.

Can students with discipline and/or attendance issues attend Bayside?

Yes. All applications will be reviewed.

What makes Bayside High School different and why should students be referred?

Bayside High School offers several programs that other high schools do not. For example:
PDO – Performance Diploma Option
GED Day Program
Credit Recovery
CoEnrollment with PTEC

What is the PDO Program?

The Performance Diploma Option is when a regular high school diploma is earned. The only difference is that transcripts will indicate the diploma was based on performance and not credits.

Will a PDO get me into college?

Yes. The PDO is a regular high school diploma. Bayside is a member of SACS - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

How does a student qualify for the PDO program at Bayside?

There are two (2) components to qualify – years attending school and ability.
1. A student must be in his/her 13th year (or more) of school starting from kindergarten.
2. A student must have scored 280 or higher on each part of the FCAT. 280+ on Reading and 280+ on Math. (If a student does not reach this FCAT score then the TABE testing could qualify him – see next question.)

What if the student is in his 13th+ year of school but scored less than the required 280 on FCAT?

The student can TABE test to qualify. TABE – Test for Adult Basic Education. The student must score at the 9th grade level or higher in all five (5) areas of the test.

Can a student TABE test at Bayside High School?

Yes. Bayside High School will administer the TABE test.

What does a student have to do to earn a PDO?

1. Student must maintain 2.0 GPA or “C” average in each class
2. Student must maintain regular attendance to classes
3. Student must pass both Reading and Math sections of the FCAT
4. Student must pass the GED test

Can a student start the PDO Program in January?


If a student can’t pass the FCAT, can he get a GED at Bayside?

Yes. Bayside offers the GED Day program. The difference from other GED programs is that Bayside provides bus transportation.

What is Credit Recovery?

Credit Recovery allows a student to make up a failed course by working at his/her own pace through Nova Net.

When is Credit Recovery offered?

Credit Recovery will be offered during school and outside school hours.

What is CoEnrollment with PTEC Clearwater?

CoEnrollment (not Dual Enrollment) allows students to improve GPA while at Bayside and then be eligible to attend PTEC.

How is CoEnrollment different from just attending PTEC?

PTEC requires a cumulative 2.0 GPA. A Bayside/PTEC CoEnrollment agreement will allow students with less than a cumulative 2.0 GPA to attend PTEC on a part time basis. This basically means that the student’s GPA prior to Bayside is not the determination. It’s what the student accomplishes while at Bayside.

What specific programs are available through CoEnrollment?

    • Architectural Drafting – Learn Release 2001i software. Update existing architectural drawings and then plan your own. Both computer and drawing board instruction included.
    • Cabinetmaking – Prepare for employment in the cabinetmaking industry by developing skills in design, layout and construction of cabinets, furniture, and millwork.
    • Electricity – Prepares for employment in the residential and/or commercial field as an electrician

    • Automotive Service Technology - Prepare for employment as an entry-level technician in the automotive industry. Gain hands-on practical experience in maintaining, troubleshooting, replacing and repairing systems, and inspecting and overhauling engines and transmissions.
    • Commercial Art Technology – Prepare for employment in the field of graphic design, including production/prepress operations, advertising layout, illustration, and desktop publishing.
    • Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts - Prepare for employment as a baker and cook in the food service industry. The program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation.
    • Computer Systems Technology – Learn to troubleshoot, repair, and build, upgrade, install computers, and how to maintain a network. Train for A+ and Network + Certification.
    • Cosmetology – Become a licensed cosmetologist. Content covers shampoos, rinses, scalp treatments, hair styling, cutting, facials, manicures and salon management. Graduates qualify to take the Florida Cosmetology Licensing Exam.
    • Culinary Operations – Prepare for work in the food service and hospitality industry. Learn nutrition and dietetic services as kitchen staff, server, cashier, cook, baker, and food service/restaurant manager. Prepare for certifications from the National Certifying Board of Dietary managers.
    • Electronic Technology – Prepare for employment in the electronics industry as an assembler, tester, equipment repairer, or technician.
    • Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Mechanics (Diesel) – Prepare for employment in the field of heavy –duty diesel truck and bus mechanics in the area of truck or marine mechanics, generator sets, air-conditioning/transport refrigeration and/or construction equipment.
    • Machining – Prepare for employment as a machinist, lathe, grinding or mill operator, toolmaker, electrical discharge machine (EDM) operator/programmer, and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine operator/programmer.
    • Marine Service Technology – Prepare for employment in the field of marine mechanics, as a service writer, outboard engine, stern drive, inboard gas or outboard diesel technician.

    • Patient Care Technician – Spend 28 days in this fast paced program that qualifies the student for employment in long-term care facilities and in the patient’s home. Students may continue training in Practical Nursing.

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