Grants Committee

The Grants Committee was formed in July 2003 to oversee the allocation of grant funding within the Perl Foundation. The individuals chosen to be committee members represent a wide range of positions in the Perl community, including programmers in charge of the development of Perl.

Rules of Operation

Grants Committee Members:

  • Secretary - Curtis "Ovid" Poe
  • Stas Bekman
  • Leon Brocard
  • Piers Cawley
  • Rafael Garcia-Suarez
  • Hugo van der Sanden
  • Thomas Klausner
  • Ben Tilly
  • Ex officio:
    • Kurt DeMaagd (Treasurer) as board liaison
  • Grant Managers (non-voting):
    • Rosellyne Thompson
    • Dave Rolsky
    • Adrian Howard

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