Things that should go into HaskellTwo. This is not a priority list of what to work on, or a wish list of what people want to see, but rather a list of what people think would be appropriate to include in their current state.







Please feel free to add, annotate or move stuff about as you feel is appropriate, please don't completly delete anything off the list without a note as to why. perhaps place them in a junkyard pile down below. This is an experiment in anarchy people, do not be afraid to edit this page/move things about/add new extensions as you see fit.

Also consider submitting it to the HaskellWishList [1].

It would be nice to be able to have some form of native function interface for dynamically loading compiled Haskell modules and importing functions from them, and dynamically compiling Haskell code. [WWW]hs-plugins already does this quite well, but perhaps language support could further clean up some things.

- CaleGibbard

In reply to the question as to what a view is - there seems to be a good lot of detail on it at [WWW] Basically they seem to be an extension of the way that Haskell does pattern matching, so that one could have multiple ways of expressing the same data type or matching against it. Views need not be injective. (Examples include having polar and cartesian views of the complex data type, and having sign and parity views of integers.)

- CaleGibbard

I think that support for Generics, ala "Scrap your boilerplate", would be a desirable language addition. The (IMO, misnamed) "type cast" feature seems like a very modest addition. And rank 2 polymorphism is already high on the list.


I think that subtyping as it's done in O'Haskell/Timber is a very nice feature. The reactive objects in that language are also quite nice, but you can probably do without them.

Pär Lidén

I would like to see MessageDispatching syntax investigated.

-- StefanLjungstrand

What makes views a Never?

-Greg Mildenhall

I was wondering about this as well. Perhaps there is some technical issue?

- CaleGibbard

Count me in on wondering about views; I don't have an opinion and have never used them, but the reasoning isn't obvious to me.

-- wli

I have long since forgotten the specifics of Views but I think it's a "never" because the pattern guards does all of what views does and more.

-- Sebastian Sylvan

Is there a reason that there is no Data.Array.ST.Lazy (See ImperativeHaskell for an example)

-- Chris Kuklewicz