Ericsson PS-05/A 
PS-05/A - Advanced Multimode Fighter Radar

True multimode capability plus an optimized man-machine interface - the features of Ericsson's PS-05/A radar that add up to the information superiority so appreciated by pilots of the world's first operational fourth-generation fighter. The Swedish Gripen carries one of the most advanced multimode fighter radars in production today.

The fruit of 45 years' continuous experience in the development of fighter radars - for the Lansen, Draken, Viggen and now Gripen - the PS-05/A offers high-resolution air-to-air and air-to-ground modes, outstanding tracking performance, comprehensive ECCM, high reliability and full support for AMRAAM missiles.

Modular construction based on line-replaceable units and software control of all main operating modes gives the growth potential to meet future requirements.

For air-to-air operations, the PS-05/A offers long-range search; multiple-target track-while-scan; multiple priority-target tracking, single target tracking, raid assessment, AMRAAM mid-course update, close combat search and auto-acquisition.

On air-to-surface missions, several other modes are available: long-range search/surveillance, surface moving-target indication, priority tracking of multiple ground and sea targets; real-beam mapping, high-resolution mapping using synthetic aperture radar technique (SAR), air-to-ground ranging and velocity vector calculation.

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