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Film Title:
A Few Days Later...
(Chand Rooz Ba'd...)

Director: Niki Karimi
Country: Iran
Year: 2006
Language: Farsi
Time: 78 minutes
Film Types: Colour/35mm
A Few Days Later...

Wednesday, September 13    7:30 PM    PARAMOUNT 3  Buy tickets now
Friday, September 15    9:45 AM    PARAMOUNT 3  Buy tickets now

Production Company : Aftab Negaran 
Foreign Sales Agent : Sheherazad Media International 

Executive Producer: Mohammad-Reza Takhtkeshian
Producer: Mohammad-Reza Takhtkeshian
Screenplay: Shadmehr Rastin
Cinematographer: Hossein Jafarian
Editor: Sepideh Abdolvahab
Production Designer: Iraj Raminfar
Sound: Parviz Abnar
Music: Peyman Yazdanian
Principal Cast: Niki Karimi, Ehsan Amani, Niloufar Khoshkholgh, Hessam Nourani, Alireza Anoushfar

Iranian actress-turned-director Niki Karimi's A Few Days Later… is a subdued, minimalist portrait of a woman struggling with a life-altering decision. Karimi weaves a rich tapestry of mundane moments in a film that pays close attention to how everyday life unfolds regardless of emotional upheaval.

For Shahrzad (Karimi herself ), day-to-day life revolves around her work as a graphic designer - creating book covers and product packaging, holding meetings, taking photographs and attending classes. Among her other activities, she is engaged in an ongoing war with a neighbour who always steals her parking spot, and she spends long periods watching television and listening to phone messages. But most of all, Shahrzad drives. Never still, always wandering, she engages in a pastime that mirrors her uncertain state of mind. But she repeatedly returns to the same spot by the highway to look out onto the landscape, clearing her head.

It slowly becomes clear that Shahrzad is living in a state of contingency and upheaval. When she speaks to her colleagues or parents - all of whom are going through rough patches themselves - they regularly pose the question, "What will you do now?" The nitty-gritty details of her quandary emerge: her crisis involves a sudden break with Mahmood (Hessam Nourani), her boyfriend of five years, and the precarious fate of Sina, the son they have been raising together. The child suffers from violent convulsions and is confined to a hospital.

A Few Days Later… is a very quiet, unadorned film. Long stretches bereft of dialogue push viewers to contemplate the landscape - from dense forest to rush-hour traffic. Elliptical and oblique, the film barely brings Sina or Mahmood into the story: when Shahrzad goes to visit Sina, he is but a hazy presence in the background; Mahmood is present almost exclusively via answering-machine messages. With an unwavering and restrained gaze, Karimi creates a deft observation of an unsettled life that is the furthest thing imaginable from melodrama.

- Dimitri Eipides

Niki Karimi was born in Tehran and started acting in elementary school. Her film debut was in Jamshid Heydari's Temptation (89) and she went on to star in many notable Iranian films, including Behruz Afkhami's The Bride (90), Dariush Mehrjui's Sara (94) and Pari (95), both of which earned her several awards, and Tahmineh Milani's Two Women (99), The Hidden Half (01) and The Fifth Reaction (03). In addition to work as a screenwriter and translator, she directed her first film, the documentary To Have or Not to Have, in 2001. Her fiction features are One Night (05) and A Few Days Later… (06).
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