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FEIN stands for progress.
The company FEIN was founded in the year 1867 by the 25 year-old Wilhelm Emil Fein and his brother Carl. In 1895 Wilhelm Emil Fein constructed the world’s first electric power tool: an electric hand drill. FEIN has been at the forefront of technical development in these fields ever since.

1867. Wilhelm Emil Fein founded a "mechanical workshop" in Stuttgart together with his brother Carl: the firm C. & E. FEIN.

1875. Construction of the first electric fire alarm.

1885. Construction of the first portable telephone.

1895. Wilhelm Emil Fein makes his mark on the history of technology with the world’s first electric power tool: an electric hand drill.

1900. Development of the first electric hand drill with weight-saving aluminium components.

1914. Construction of the first genuine highperformance electric tool: an extremely powerful hand drill for direct and rotary current.

1925. FEIN launches the first electric screwdriver.

1927. Cutting and sawing are made easier: FEIN introduces the first sheet-metal shears and the first sabre saw.

1935. FEIN develops the first nibbler.

1953. Two extremely powerful new developments: the first FEIN impact wrench and the first FEIN high-frequency angle grinder.

1967. C. & E. FEIN becomes the first manufacturer in the world to deploy bulk wave electronics for industrial drills.

1986. FEIN presents the kinetic handle – a thorough application of ergonomic principles with respect to the shape and handling characteristics of electric power tools.

1986. The FEIN HIGH-POWER MOTOR performs at full capacity even under non-stop operation. The high efficiency of the motors means it can handle tough loads that would cause other screw guns to falter.

1987. The FEIN rapid-clamping system QuickIN makes using angle grinders significantly safer. The no-tool grinding disk change effectively eliminates mistakes.

1988. Accu-tec screwdriver with torsion rod disengagement for extra-ordinary torsion precision and high repeat accuracy. Also unique are the two battery attachment positions.

1997. The high-overload FEIN HIGHPOWER MOTOR offers considerably more performance at the same operating speed than a conventional motor.

1999. Unique electric brake system EBS brings the disks of the large FEIN angle grinder to a standstill in under 3 seconds – a record for safety, ergonomics and reliability.

2000. FEIN cores drills are fitted with a QuickIN tool holder. Changing the tool is thus only a matter of seconds

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