Windass Grabs Victory By The Balls

Windass grabbed a player by the testiclesVeteran Bradford City striker Dean Windass has caused a stir by grabbing a player by the testicles during a match.

Not content with having one of the most hilarious names in professional football, Windass grabbed Cheltenham’s John Finnigan by the sack during Bradford’s 2-1 win on Saturday.

The act, which in today’s achingly PC environment is tantamount to severe sexual harrassment,┬áresulted in Finnigan being sent off for retaliation when he raised his arm to Windass so he would release his grip.

“I think that is a violent act and a very unpleasant thing which doesn’t happen very often in professional football” said Cheltenham manager John Ward.

“I spoke to Dean and told him what I saw happen. He told me it was part of the game - I disagreed and said it wasn’t”.

Part of the game? I thought such boderline homo-orientated behaviour was restricted to the “macho” surroundings of the rugby field?

A change of codes may be in order for Mr Windass. Idiot.

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  1. The Doc Says:

    Quite right. Windass should be ashamed of himself. He grabbed Finnigan’s pods, twice, and then fell sprawling to the turf clutching his face when the Cheltenham skipper pushed him away. Finners saw red, Windass got a yellow. Shocking decision. And he looks like an older, fatter, uglier version of Ray Stubbs.

  2. QPR Blog Says:

    Reminds me of Vinnie Jones Grabbing Gazza’s Nuts - which certainly made a few more headlines than Dean Windass.

    I do not recall Jones being reprimanded by the FA. Very unlikely the FA will retroactively punish Windass, as he already received a yellow card for the incident.

  3. The City Gent Says:

    Dean Windass is a legend!

  4. Red Red Robin Says:

    And not 30 minutes before the game we get the detailed announcement and information about the FA’s appeal to all regarding FIFA’s Football Fair Play Day. Then this idiot acts utterly against the spirit of the game by cheating a team and violating a fellow professional. Time for authority to show a bit of bottle, review Dean Windass’ history regarding similar misdemeanours and make an example of him and this behaviour by throwing the book at him once and for all.

  5. Warlord Says:


    Windass needs to be punished…the police should charge him for sexual harassment.

  6. Sickening! Says:

    What a ballbag!

  7. Chopper Says:

    Deano is a legend - he has put in his 20 years service to football - if he wants to feel up a player he can do.

    Cant believe he got a yellow card for it.

  8. Red Red Robin Says:

    20 years of cheating? I don’t really care about him and his yellow card, its our noble captain John Finnegan I feel for who is going to miss 3 games because of a cheat. And the fans who were let down and for the total lack and loss of decent sportsmanship/fair play.

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