The Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis Group (NIAAD) is one of the groups of LIACC which is one of the R&D Units of the University of Porto. The NIAAD group is associated with the Faculty of Economics and includes the Machine Learning subgroup.
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Data Mining and Decision Support
  • Collaborative methodologies for DM & DS.
  • Recommendation tools to support the selection of adequate data analysis methods for a given problem.
Modeling Dynamic Systems
  • Modelling complex dynamic systems, typically evolving in time and having non-stationary properties.
  • Integrating domain knowledge in the induction process.
  • Combination of models.
Advanced Techniques in Data Mining and Data Analysis
  • Modelling higher order concepts from complex data using Inductive Logic Programming and Symbolic Data Analysis.
  • Statistical methods for supervised and unsupervised classification.
  • Application to the recognition of multi-spectral images and bioinformatics.
  • Exploiting distributed and parallel execution to improve the performance of learning methods.
Data Mining for Text and Web
  • Methods to retrieve and extract information from the web, focusing on specific domains (e.g. financial end economic data, bibliography concerned with certain topic etc.).
  • Methods for automatic reconfiguration of web sites based on the behavior of users.

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