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Neighbours History

The Australian soap opera Neighbours was originally aired on the Seven Network in 1985. However, the show was unceremoniously cancelled after less than twelve months. Luckily rival Network Ten picked up the pieces, and the show was back on Australian television screen in early 1986.

Since then Neighbours has been syndicated all over the world and is one of the most successful television shows ever made. The BBC bought the UK right to the Aussie soap at a very early stage and the programme is still hugely popular in Britain today.

Neighbours is set in the fictional Ramsay Street in the equally made up Australian district of Erinsborough. The show celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2005 and don't be surprised if it's still on BBC1 in another two decades time.

This week on Neighbours

Neighbours Latest News

Sky Mangle gets her own realty tv show
Ralf Schumacher drives into Ramsey Street
Conner decides to say goodbye to Neighbours
Shane Warne to make a guest appearance on Neighbours
Neighbours loses out at Logie Awards
Natalie Bassingthwaighte finally admits she is leaving
Neighbours star Ben Nicholas joins Jazz band

Neighbours Landmarks

Erinsborough isn't a particularly large town. Most of the events in Neighbours focus around a handful of businesses and locations. The main local points of reference are as follows:

The General Store - the Erinsborough general store which is actually a cafe and Post Office. It's owned by Lou Carpenter and Harold Bishop, although it was originally run by Daphne Lawrence under the trading name Daphne's. Since then the shop has had a variety of names including The Hungry Bite, The Holy Roll and The Coffee Shop.

Scarlet Bar - the bar owned by Paul Robinson, previously known as The Waterhole, Chez Chez and Lou's Pub.

Lassiter's Hotel - the hotel complex currently owned by Paul Robinson. It was originally owned by Jack Lassiter before Rosemary Daniels and the Daniels/Robinson Corporation took over.

Erinsborough Medical Centre - this used to be Paul's office at Lassiter's Hotel, before being converted by Karl Kennedy into a medical centre. The legal firm Tim Collins and Associates currently shares the building.

Erinsborough High - the main school in Neighbours where most of the Ramsay Street kids attend. Susan Kennedy was the principal, before her unfortunate accident.

A Good Hair Day - the hairdressers salon owned by Gino Esposito which previously employed Lyn Scully and Janelle Timmins.

Carpenter's Mechanics - Lou's old car garage which was later bought by Drew Kirk

Grease Monkeys - the Erinsborough fast food restaurant, where Flick Scully, Tad Reeves and Sky Mangel have all worked

Eden Hills - a rich suburb near Erinsborough

Ansons Corner: - a suburb near Erinsborough

Elliot Park - another suburb near Erinsborough

West Waratah - a poor suburb near Erinsborough where the Timmins family used to reside.

Neighbours Home

Neighbours Top Facts

1. Ian Smith, who has played Harold Bishop since 1987, is the longest serving member of the Neighbours cast.

2. Many of the soap's script writers have also appeared in front of the cameras including Louise Le Nay, Chris Milne and Shane Porteous.

3. Neighbours is the longest running drama series in Australian television history.

4. Helen Daniels, played by Anne Haddy was the longest-running character on the show, before the popular actress was forced to say goodbye to Ramsay Street due to ill health.

5. Pop star Kylie Minogue wanted to reprise her role as Charlene Robinson for the 20th Anniversary Neighbours episode, but couldn't fit sufficient time into her tight music schedule.

6. Each Neighbours episode was finally given it's own title on June 14th 2004, after nineteen years of just being called a number.

7. In 1988, the Neighbours cast were asked by the Royal Family to perform at the Royal Variety Performance.

8. Neighbours has launched the careers of many of Australia's most successful actors and musicians, including Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe, Radha Mitchell, Delta Goodrem, Jason Donovan, Natalie Imbruglia, Holly Valance and of course Kylie Minogue,

Neighbours Cast List

Stefan Dennis --- Paul Robinson (1985-1992, 1993, 2004-2008)
Ian Smith --- Harold Bishop (1987-1991, 1996-)
Tom Oliver --- Lou Carpenter (1988, 1992-)
Mark Little --- Joe Mangel (1988-1991, 2005)
Alan Fletcher --- Karl Kennedy (1994-)
Jackie Woodburne --- Susan Smith/Kennedy/Kinski (1994-)
Ryan Moloney --- Jarrod 'Toadfish/Toadie' Rebecchi (1995-)
Janet Andrewartha --- Lyn Scully (1999-)
Carla Bonner --- Stephanie Scully/Hoyland (1999-)
Blair McDonough --- Stuart Parker (2001-2006)
Patrick Harvey --- Connor O'Neill (2002-2006)

Full Neighbours Cast List

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