David Lethbridge

Commentary on
"The Curse of Canaan"
by Eustace Mullins
Revelation Books
Staunton, Virginia, 1987


"Mullins is the most vicious anti-Semite on the face of the planet."
- Chip Berlet, Political Research Associates

In Mullins "New History of the Jews", Mullins claims that Jewish priests regularly kidnap little white boys, strip them naked, chain them to altars, pierce them with knives, and drink their blood while they lie dying (p. 50). He also claims that American parents should not leave their children in the care of a Jewish doctor or hospital, because they will be murdered and their blood shipped to Jews in Israel (p. 58). On pages 116-117 he explicitly denies the Holocaust.

In "The Secret Holocaust", Mullins calls the Jews "furry scavengers who have found their way into every civilized place." "Because of his savage nature, the Jew wishes only to kill him (non-Jews) and drink his blood." "It was a matter of record that the Jews had actually done quite well during World War II. ... the Jews were safely ensconced in comfortable quarters in such refugee camps as Auschwitz."


1. Origin and Identity of the Canaanites

Mullins' claims:

pp. 2-3. There was a pre-Adamic race (prior to Adam and Eve), whose leader was Satan. Satan impregnated Eve, and the child was Cain.

pp. 4-5. The demonic offspring of Cain caused God to punish the world with the Flood in order to select "those who were without stain."

pp. 6-7. Noah and his family were the last remaining pure blooded Adamites. Ham, the second son of Noah had intercourse with a pre-Adamic woman on the Ark. This woman was dark-skinned. Their off-spring was a black son named Cush. Ham also had a son called Canaan who was of mixed-race. Noah cursed Canaan saying he should be a slave because Canaan attempted to have homosexual relations with him.

p. 8. The Canaanites - the descendants of Canaan - practice demon-worship, occult rites, child sacrifice, and cannibalism.

pp. 8-9. Ham had four sons - Cush, Canaan, Put, and Mizraim. Cush is the father of the "negro race." His black skin is a punishment for Ham's having had sex on the Ark, contrary to God's will.

p. 11. Ham brought mixed race children into the world. His consort Naamah encouraged Ham to engage in ritual murder and cannibalism, and told Ham that by killing and eating fair-skinned people, his descendants could regain their superior qualities. Throughout the following centuries, the fair skinned descendants of Noah have been ritually slaughtered by the darker descendants of Ham.

pp. 12-13. Over the last 3000 years, the darker descendants of Ham have engaged in genocide against the white descendants of Noah

p. 16. The Canaanites exemplify the Satanic impulse to destroy civilization and rebel against God.

p. 17. The Canaanites love robbery, lewdness, hate their masters, and do not speak the truth. The Canaanites control the World Order, and are bent on commiting genocide against whites.

pp. 18-19. God commands the white people (the children of Israel) to rid themselves of Canaanites.

p. 20-21. The Canaanites engaged in human sacrifice. God commands his people not to mingle with Canaanites, and makes them a terror to all the earth. The Canaanites become the merchants and bankers. God commands his people - the white descendants of Noah - to smite and utterly destroy the Canaanites.

p.22. The Canaanites are Satan's curse on humanity and an evil plague. The Canaanite political parties at the time of Christ are the Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, Essains, and Scribes; and also the Edomites who intermarry with the Turks, producing the Chazars - the present occupants of the State of Israel.

pp. 30-32. In the middle ages the descendants of Noah create the Knights of the Teutonic Order, the inspiration of the German military, which guided Germany through two world wars. The Canaanites became world bankers.

pp 32-33. Noah's first son, Shem, is the father of the fair-haired, fair-skinned, predominantly blue-eyed, healthy, creative, productive, people. Hence white people are Shemites or Semites. Therefore white people cannot be anti-Semites because they are Semites. The Canaanites are generally shorter, darker, more furtive, almost always engaged in criminal activity, usually with special government approval. The Canaanites determination is to exterminate the people of Shem; they are also Communists.

Mullins claims that Ham has two important racial lines of descent - the black people, and the Jews who he calls Canaanites. Both lines are Satanic. He reverses history by claiming that the white descendants of Shem are the victims of attempted genocide, rather than the perpetrators. He claims God commands his people to utterly destroy the Canaanites (i.e. the Jews). Furthermore, traditionally the Jews are known as Semites, not the white people. But by claiming white people are Semites (Shemites), he makes it impossible to refer to white anti-Semites (namely white people - such as himself - who hate and attack Jews). All of these claims are racist, white supremacist and anti-Jewish. Pp 20-21 are an open advocacy of mass murder of the Jews, as is p. 82 below.

2. Satanic Character of the Jews

Mullins' claims:

pp. 35-43. Cain was the result of a union of Eve and Satan. He was banished to the land of Nod where he married a pre-Adamite a "Negro." Satanic practices entered the world through this union. Occult-Satanic practices encoded in the Talmud - a Jewish religious text - and in the activities of the Freemasons. Orthodox Jewish religion based entirely on the Cabala, a form of anti-life evil precepts based on the Talmud.

p. 49. The Federal Reserve Act, basis of U.S. banking, a key point in the Canaanite control of the world's economic system.

p. 82. God command's His people to exterminate the Canaanites.

pp. 94-97. Twin Canaanite evils of Communism and Zionism.

p. 97. "Protocols of Elders of Zion" claimed as authentic.

In these pages Mullins makes clear his anti-Jewish claims that the Jewish religion is evil, Satanic and demonic, and that the intentions of the Jews are to take over the world. This is to be accomplished both by taking over American and European banking systems, and by promoting Communism. On p. 82 he again advocates genocide of the Jews, claiming it is God's command. Finally, he claims that the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a thoroughly exposed forgery, is an authentic document detailing a Jewish plan for world dominance.

3. US Constitution for Whites Only

Mullins' claims:

pp. 129-134. The United States founded to be free of Canaanites and their addiction to human sacrifice and cannibalism. The Constitution a racial document written by and for fair-skinned people of Shem. Any future alteration of the document is a racial perscution of whites by a demonical centralized Canaanite assault.

This is typical of the Identity movement. Identity claims, as does Mullins, that only the white people are God's people, that Jews are Satanic, and that Blacks are inferior. Identity also claims that the Bible was written by and for white Christians only. Mullins extends this racial hatred by claiming that the US Constitution was written by and for white Christians only.

4. Slavery and the US Civil War

Mullins' claims:

p. 143. In the Southern States of the United States, the people of Shem, the white people, had slaves. Since these people, whose ancestor was Ham, upon whom Noah's curse of Canaan was pronounced, the Curse commits black people to slavery. Slavery is justified by Noah's curse.

pp. 143-144. Black slaves were treated kindly and lived in comfortable quarters.

pp. 144-148. The Civil War was provoked by the Canaanite Jews and Freemasons.

p. 148. Slavery existed under the direct authority of the Biblical curse of Canaan.

p. 156. President Abraham Lincoln suffered from hereditary insanity, had Negro blood, and was illegitimate.

p. 158. Result of the Civil War was the destruction of white people, and the rise of a Canaanite takeover of the government.

pp. 163-165. The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the US Constitution are illegal because they were imposed by martial law against the white people, by the unwavering hatred of the Canaanites. These amendments gave citizenship to black people and abolished slavery.

Mullins clear intent is to maintain that slavery is justified by the Bible and that white people have a right to own slaves. He further claims that the Civil War was engineered by the Canaanites (Jews) in order to gain political and economic control of the US, and that the Constitutional amendments outlawing slavery, granting citizenship to non-whites, and granting the vote to non-whites, were invalid at the time and continue to be so. The attack on these Amendments, is typical of Identity, of the paramilitary militias, and of the so-called Christian Patriots. It is also, of course, naked white supremacy and racism.

5. Hitler and WW2

Mullins' claims:

p. 195. The Canaanites created World Wars One and Two to decimate the white "people of Shem." They are planning a Third World War which will destroy all whites.

pp. 198-200. The Jews responsible for the assassination of Ferdinand which sparked WW 1.

p. 201. In 1916, 54% of Americans were of German origin, and most Americans preferred the German side of WW1.

p. 204. WW1 resulted in millions of white deaths, a "happy result" for the Canaanites.

p. 206. Hitler's Nazi Party was the political party of the German Jews, the Ashkenazim.

pp. 206-207. Hitler manouevered into war by Canaanites and Freemasons.

p. 210. Victims of WW2 were 100 million, many of whom were entire families of the "people of Shem." These were human sacrifices created by the Canaanites.


Mullins claims about the second world war involve a conspiracy by Canaanites and Freemasons, and the ridiculous assertion that Hitler's party was a party of German Jews, when the Jews were Hitler's intended victims. Mullins makes no mention whatever of the Holocaust of the Jews, not a word about the extermination of 6 million European Jews, turning these victims into, in effect, the aggressors. His fraudulent claim that "the Canaanites" intend to wipe out all white people in a third war is equally as anti-Semitic as the claim that the Jews instigated WW1 and WW2.

6. Genocidal Conspiracy

Mullins' claims:

pp. 227-229. The US is groaning under the heel of Canaanite parasites. Purpose of US government to financially support Soviet Union.

pp. 233-235. The Canaanite conspiracy is to destroy American industry, and drive farmers off their land. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is their principal tool. There is a documented plan to exterminate all the white people in the United States. The plan is to announce an imminent attack. Everyone will be told to gather in schools and auditoriums across the US. Only the whites will do this, those of Canaanite extraction will be told to go home. Once herded into the buildings the "people of Shem" are to be killed by knives and hatchets in a ritual slaughter. Teams of specially trained immigrants will be used as the killers.

pp. 240-242. God's promise and covenant is only for the children of Israel (the white people of Shem) and not for the Canaanites, whom God and Christ despised. People of Shem have been victims of Canaanite massacres, but people of Shem are the true heirs to Israel. God waits for the people of Shem to launch a new crusade to regain the Holy Land. The people of Shem are being punished for not following God's will. A decision must be made by the people of Shem - if they don't carry out God's will they will be made nothing.

The claim that there is a Canaanite plan to kill all white Americans is clearly inflammatory hate propaganda of the worst kind, as is the advocacy of a Holy War against the "Canaanites." Indeed, the entire purpose of this book is to create a feeling of hatred and antipathy toward Jews, and a feeling of contempt against people of color. "The Curse of Canaan" is a book of white racism and anti-Jewish hatred.


"The Curse of Canaan" was sold by Eileen Pressler's Council on Public Affairs (CPA), in Salmon Arm, BC, in the "Council On Public Affairs Digest", Vol 7, #2; and Vol 7, # 7/8, also in the "Patriot's Advertiser", a CPA publication, May/June 1992.

Eustace Mullins was the contributing editor of the "CPA Digest" from June 1991 to at least April 1993, and was publishing articles in the "CPA Digest" as early as September 1990. His books are the most commonly sold of any author in the Digest, totalling eleven. Mullins also spoke at meetings held by the CPA, in Salmon Arm and Penticton.

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