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Table 2: Number of Bahá'í Schools by Continent
Tutorial Schools
Total # of Academic Schools
Africa 179 30 52 10 1 93
Americas 61 12 63 14 8 97
Asia 165 6 102 8 2 118
Australasia 2 14 20 1 0 35
Europe 0 0 2 2 1 5
Total 407 62 239 35 12 348*

*The total number of academic schools does not include tutorial schools. Source: Baha'i.org

Summmer School, Institutes, and Training Centers


Other Sites of Interest 

  • The U.S. Bahá’í National Education Committee Website contains many resources and links for parents and educators.  To get there, go to   

  • Pioneering Committee of the U.K. Ongoing List of Project:  A annotated list of Baha'i schools an projects around the world in need of volunteers or assistance.

  • A Virtual Tour of Bahá'í Schools - A few of the Bahá'í Schools around the world are profiled in this article at Suite101.Com. Includes links to schools in Chile, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Bolivia, India, USA, and the Netherlands.
  • Bahai-Schools.org  A comprehensive list of Baha'i Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Universities around the World
  • Social and Economic Development page at The Bahá'í World, the official site of the Bahá'í International Community. Click on "Social Action" to see its associated topics: Social and Economic Development; Moral Development; Human Rights; and Advancement of Women. The site is available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • "This Website is devoted to AGENDA 21 ('the agenda for sustainable development into the 21st century') and to the Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development project being carried out by the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom." Includes a variety of statements, documents, and links on related issues.
  • BASED: Baha'i Agency for Social and Economic Development, Cameroon VIA inyegane@sdncmr.undp.org
  • Home Schooling A resource site for Bahá'í children who are educated at home
  • Baha'i Library Online A very comprehensive database of Baha'i articles and references
  • The Council for Global Education - envisions a future where values such as peace, co-existence, respect and responsibility are intricately integrated into the educational environment.
  • Canadian Baha'i International Development Services (CBIDS) VIA Andy Tamas andy@tamas.com
  • Escritorio de Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento (Office for Environment & Development), Brazil emad@bahai.org.br
  • Intillajta - Promotes the equality of women and men, the elimination of destructive prejudice, whether it is racial, religious, national or economic, and economic problems linked to spiritual problems. SED Project, a Non-Profit Corporation.
  • The Mona Foundation - Supports Grassroots Social-Economic Development Projects
  • Mona Foundation Online K-12 Teachers Site:  Provides links to support for curriculum development and planning in science, math, social sciences, and language arts.
  • Mottahedeh Development Services - applying "Universal Spiritual Principles as a guiding force for sustainable social change" - established by the National Spiritual Assembly of the USA
  • The Rabbani Charitable Trust - a nonprofit, tax exempt entity, raising and disbursing funds for charitable, religious, literary and educational purposes, to promote the spiritual and social well being of the entire human race.
  • Tahirih Justice Center - "The mission of the Tahirih Justice Center is to bring justice to the lives of women facing human rights abuses, with a special emphasis on immigrant and refugee women. The Center takes and holistic approach to the serving its clients through the provision of legal representation and auxiliary medical, educational and other social services."
  • Temerity Woods Development Corporation Temerity1@aol.com
  • Uganda Bahai Institute for Development ubid@imul.com
  • Voice Mail Community Service and other Projects by the Bahá'ís of Danville, California
  • Ruhi Resources Resources for Study Circle facilitators using Ruhi training materials.
  • U.S. National Teacher Training Center at Louhelen Baha'i School:  Core Curriculum
  • Baha'i International Community Statement Library
  • The Virtues Project  Linda and Dan Popov's virtue-based education for children, adults, and school systems. 
  • Center for Global Integrated Education  A California-based Baha'i inspired organization that promotes and supports development and implementation of spiritually based integrated educational curricula on a global basis."  
  • Baha'i Chair for World Peace, University of Maryland
  • Baha'i Chair at Hebrew University
    Unity Foundation   An NGO based in Luxemborg that promotes  literacy, health care, rural development program, school building in developing regions.
  • Chrysalis  An electronic newsletter produced for parents, children and communities with the goals of helping to prepare children to take on the task of building a peaceful and dynamic world. The Web site is hosted by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Norway.
  • Brilliant Star Magazine Brilliant Star is the U.S. National Spiritual Assembly’s primary communication with children ages 6-12. It is designed to strengthen their Bahá’í identity, increase their love for the Faith, teach them about Bahá’í history and principles, build their self-esteem, and reinforce virtues such as peacefulness, service, reverence, and trustworthiness. Through fun and engaging stories, cartoons, activities, interviews, puzzles and games, Brilliant Star appeals to children’s creativity, humor, and sense of wonder. Each of Brilliant Star’s six annual issues incorporates a theme relevant to Bahá’í life today.
  • Day Spring The U.K's.Magazine for Children
  • Children’s Bahá’í Education Service, UK.  A web site of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United Kingdom that is designed to help teachers and parents who are involved with Bahá’í education of children, junior youth and youth.
  • Baha'i Communications International:  (BCI) provides free webspace, email, and support services to Bahá'í institutions worldwide.
  • The Foundation for the Investigation of Reality -- Dedicated to carrying on research on the Writings begun by Marian Lippitt   Newsletter 
  • Baha'i Business Forum of the Americas (BBFA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing spiritual principles and values to business. BBFA is a forum for those interested in applying Bahá'í principles in business, economics & management.
  • Marriage Transformation Project  Empowering people to create happy, lasting, spiritually-based marriages - The foundation of a prosperous, unified world.