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What does EDN stand for?

We're often asked: "What does EDN stand for?" Rather than give you a smart-aleck answer, such as: "We stand for the best in technical publications," we'll tell you the story.

The three-letter name EDN is no longer an acronym for a longer name. When the first issue of what is now EDN was published by Rogers Corp in May 1956, the publication was called Electrical Design News. A few years later, Rogers was acquired by Cahners Publishing (since acquired by Reed Elsevier and renamed Reed Business Information). The publication used the terms EDN and Electrical Design News more or less interchangeably for several years.

But as our industry became more "electronic" and less "electrical," the original name also became dated. The obvious answer, to change from Electrical Design News to Electronic Design News was impractical, because other publications on the market had similar-sounding names. So the name Electrical Design News became EDN—no more, no less.

In doing so, EDN was ahead of the curve, and would soon be followed by major corporations such as 3M (Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing) and IBM (International Business Machines), not to mention KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).


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