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During the uproar of the 1960s the younger generation questioned everything. It focused its attention on such major issues as the Vietnam War, civil rights, traditional morality, and ecology. Patriotism, rules, and values were no longer taken for granted.

Seventh-day Adventist students were no exception. As more and more church members began to attend non-Adventist universities and colleges they applied critical thinking learned in their studies to other topics—including their church's beliefs and practices—that meant much to them. Many Adventist graduate students and other like-minded individuals began to meet in groups for discussion and fellowship.

These groups were the forerunners of local Forum chapters that meet today throughout the world. In time, these diverse discussion groups came together under the umbrella of the Association of Adventist Forums (AAF), as the organization became known. In 1968, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists officially endorsed the association in the Adventist Review.



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