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Location (indicated in orange on the map): San Diego Zoo, south of Monkey Trails or west of Ituri Forest Habitat/Region featured: Southeast Asian rain forest
Size: The tiger enclosure is one-quarter-of-an acre; the crocodile pool holds 16,000 gallons of water
Opening date: March 1988
Nearest dining facility: Safari Kitchen

Be sure to look for…

Fishing cats
Reticulated python
Fresh-water crocodiles
Milky storks
Argus pheasants

Horticultural highlights

Javan bamboo
Coral trees
Orchid trees
Flame trees


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Tiger River

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Can you spot the tiger?

Tiger River's naturalistic habitat gives the tigers plenty of exercise.

Continue your jungle trek, either from Monkey Trails or Ituri Forest, to Tiger River. Here's you'll stroll along a riverbed pathway that leads to a tiger's lair, a crocodilian pool, a fishing cat's den, and a marsh complete with cattails, fallen trees, and wafting mists. Enjoy the cooling shade from towering palms, coral and orchid trees, ferns, figs, bamboos, and gingers.

Mesmerizing and gorgeous but also endangered, our Malayan tigers are always a pleasure to watch. Their exhibit was designed to closely resemble a natural jungle habitat and was built on a steep slope that gives the tigers plenty of exercise.

A waterfall splashing into a pool and logs to climb on or use as scratching posts give the tigers a variety of things to do. A heated cave near a viewing window encourages the tigers to spend their naptime close to curious tiger admirers.

Take time to visit our other rain forest dwellers. The Marsh Aviary is filled with birds such as storm and milky storks, imperial pigeons, and white-collared kingfishers.Unusual Malayan tapirs, with their trunk-like snouts, like to lounge in their private pool. You may see fishing cats using their webbed paws to catch fish swimming in the stream that runs through their habitat. Nearby are fresh-water crocodiles, easy to see as they float in their special lake or sunbath on their private beach.

Tiger River is the San Diego Zoo's rain forest bioclime, designed to instill you with a sense of wonder, discovery, and appreciation for the fragility of one of the world's most threatened environments.

Our Indochinese tigers are always up to something interesting.

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