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Welcome to

Fully re-designed and re-launched by the band! Featuring links to the new official Cradle of Filth Myspace (not run by the band), Offiicial Merchandise, up-to-date news, downloads and much more. This is going to be a great year with the new album THORNOGRAPHY being released 16th October and full touring schedule worldwide, starting in Europe on Novermber 12th.

2006 has so far been pretty non-stop with the release of PEACE THOUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER Live DVD, summer festivals all over Europe and the completion of a new record. See the pics section for an inside look at the new video, filmed recently for the track TEMPTATION. Press trips and rehearsals are now underway for the up-coming release and tour. Keep you eyes peeled here for news and updates

Hail Cradle!

We have noticed that our site has been very slow in loading, the server has been fixed and reset so
things should be good from now on. Our new server is being watched closely over the next few days, thanks for your patience.

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Temptation video shoot & Thornography promo pictures are now avalible to view in the photos section
: Live pics here (will be updated when tour starts) :
Go on-line with your PSP at to view all avalible news and tour dates
For Thornography Song & Title Descriptions click here


Fans can pick up a limited edition numbered 'first day cover' edition of the new album "Thornography" (the first 100 are signed by us)
exclusively from a chain of selected indie stores.
You can check for your local store HERE

Fans will also have a chance to win one of 100 exclusive 'THORNOGRAPHY' posters (signed by us).

One lucky winner will also get to see/meet us horrid lot on our
UK tour.

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OCTOBER 13th Germany


Instore signing sessions for the release of our new album "THORNOGRAPHY"
They will take place at:
London Virgin Mega Store on 16th October at 6pm
Birmingham Virgin Store on 17th October at 6pm
See you there!


Tue 10th Oct QMU Glasgow
Cradle of Filth just completed the first 2 days of DJ promo nights in Newcastle and Nottingham.

See here for pics

Dani, Paul and Dave appeared in the booth for over an hour, signing and meeting fans.
Thanks to everyone for showing up and supporting the new album. You can meet the full band tomorrow in London with a signing at Virgin Megastore, and in Birmingham on Tuesday.

Both start at 6pm.
Fri 13th Oct Rock Mean Fiddler London
Fri 13th Oct Rock Spiders Hull
Fri 13th Oct Tivoil Buckley
Fri 13th Oct Ramshackle Bristol
Fri 13th Oct Rock Newcastle Academy
Fri 13th Oct C103 Plymouth
Sat 14th Oct Rock City Nottingham
Sat 14th Oct Corporation Sheffield
Sat 14th Oct Retribution Square Leicester
Sat 14th Oct Krazyhouse Liverpool
Sat 14th Oct Edwards No. 8 Birmingham
Sat 14th Oct The Mission Edinburgh
Sat 14th Oct JillysRockWorld Manchester
Questions and Answers.
For Thornography Song & Title Descriptions click here
1. Why the title "Thornography"?
Funnily enough we had a few titles in consideration for this album, all of them listed on a board in the studio (unfortunately 'Shriek Of The Pterodactyl' wasn't a winner!). The idea really was to narrow it down as the recording of the album progressed, with song structures and a comparable theme being held in mind.
Eventually those working on the album decided on 'Thornography' as it was decided that this best represented the 'feel' of the album and the foetal stages of album artwork.

2. Would you still consider yourselves a black metal band?
Yes and no. Doesn't really help does it?
Yes in context of retaining the same fire inside as when the band first formed and in pertaining to the atmospherics of the music, no in relation to the narrow-mindedness of the current scene. I mean it used to be much more diverse back in the glory days of Cacophonous, Osmose and Deathlike Silence, what with bands as far-flung as Necromantia (no guitars, just bass), Equimanthorn and Neptune Towers (wierd ambience) right through to Impaled Nazarene (who were kinda punk influenced originally) and Immortal. Now the scene feels a lot like a prison with everyone still trying to retain their purity despite the scene having broken down aeons ago.
We'd rather be known as solely "Cradle Of Filth' i think, rather than be hampered by stupid genre barriers used by 'scenesters' to hem bands in to their own projected ideals.

3. How are Charles and Rosie fitting into the live scenario?
Brilliantly. We've spent the whole Summer undertaking festivals and they all went exceedingly well. Charles has now been with the band for a year and a half and has contributed to the album, whereas Rosie will be undertaking her first full length tour when we hit the road in November, having toured the UK with us last December.
Whether she'll withstand the stench of being on the road with us lot for a whole five weeks remains to be seen!

4. Who is responsible for the artwork this time round and how did you get to work with him/her?
The creature responsible for the artwork on "Thornography' is one Sam Araya, an exceptional talent whose illustrious artistry was first introduced to us via a friend of Dave's. We loved what we saw and contacted him with a view to him working on the new album. It turned out that he was a fan and so, like they murmur in foul smell corners, the rest is history...
His work is that of a master fabulist's, immensely dark in character but poignant and, at times, colourful. To discover his work better, log onto and just see if i didn't warn you.

5.Why did you decide to work with Ville Valor on the song "The Byronic Man"?
Ville had expressed a desire to work with the band when he played at the Roadrunner 25th anniversary bash with Rob Caggiano ('Thornography's producer) last year. Bearing in mind that the song required a male singing lead (a bit too gay if i'd have sung it!) and i'd rather hoped that he would be in keeping with the character of Lord Byron, then it was merely a call into Ville's management to secure the collusion, as he fitted the bill perfectly.
The finished result really works brilliantly i think.

6. What were you thinking when you decided to cover Heaven 17's chart-topping smash "Temptation"? And why Dirty Harry?
The idea of covering this song, i admit, started out as a bit of a joke. Charles got the ball rolling when he presented a version for us to swallow and what started out as a gimmick then grew stage by stage into something far more sinister. When we broke up for Xmas at the studio, Rob went back to LA where he met Harry and offered her a go at the track. Of course when we heard it we loved it ( her voice reminds me of an evil Doro Pesch or Bonnie Tyler kicked in the girl-bits...) and so that was that.
Of course by the time the mix was finished we had fallen in love with our version of the track (never let it be said that any one of us like the sappy original!) as the ambiguity of the lyrics meant that it didn't have the same comedy value as something like 'Thriller' would have, had we undertaken that instead. In fact, the words are leant a far more sinister vibe combined with the raw angry bite of the female vocals and the repetitive phrasing gives it, in my opinion, a dangerous commercial edge, like walking a very taut razor wire. Harry of course also appears in the video for the track, which is simply such a visual feast.

7. And speaking of the video. Will this be the only video released from this album or are plans afoot to shoot another, original Cradle song?

Plans are afoot to shoot another track sometime at the beginning of our first US tour for this album (January), somewhere in America with a very good friend of ours at the helm (so to speak). Can you guess who?

8. When was it decided that you were going to do an instrumental ("Rise Of The Pentagram")?
When i forgot to write any vocals for it!
Only joking. Seriously, the idea was in fruition years ago, we'd just never gotten around to following it up. When we were collating ideas at the beginning of this album, Paul put forward something that i had real trouble coming to grips with as a vocalist, so i suggested it might then form the backbone of something more extensive. Paul then went away and started building a bigger song that eventually melded into a full-on instrumental.
I love it, for one it's something very different for us to do and secondly, live it means i can disappear off for eight odd minutes and have a cup of tea. Either that or do some more onstage moon-walking...

9. Some of the songs on the new album are extremely melodic, even in the vocal department. Is this a step toward broadening your musical horizons?
Definitely. I don't know why many people are so surprised, the melodic thing is a natural progression for us and has actually been present for quite some time. The album also features some of the heaviest stuff we've actually ever done, so it's not all one direction by far. The melodic vocals (of which there a few on the album) crept in to accentuate some of the parts that are, by nature, really catchy choruses.

10. How is life on Roadrunner records?
Roadrunner have been very good for us, they have an excellent nose for the scene and people there that actually give a shit about the music. Couple that with their very loyal street teams and their history with extreme music, plus their foothold in the door when it comes to some of their more successful artists and you have a recipe for great accomplishments.
What a proper brown-noser i am!

11. What are your favourite tracks off of the new album? And why?
My favourite tracks off the album would have to 'Under Huntress Moon', 'Libertina Grimm', 'The Byronic Man' and 'I Am The Thorn' but in truth, i like them all!
'Under Huntress Moon' because it reminds me of old school Cradle, 'Libertina Grimm' for the creeping graveyard groove and naughty schoolgirl subject matter. 'The Byronic Man' because, again, it is a song that culminates well after a wending, musical funeral march and last but not least, 'I Am The Thorn' because is so fucking heavy!

12.Do you ever have an urge to drop current political issues into your lyricism, however thickly veiled?

Yeah, from time to time, but like you say, they are veiled quite heavily. I don't really like that much modernity squirming into the lyrics, preferring much more to keep things analogous, timeless and free of preaching. However, the outside world affects us all and in some tracks on this album you will discover passing winks to all manner of current religious and moral topics no doubt.
Everything, including the album title, is up for personal interpretation.

13. On a lighter note, are there any other funny stories from recording the album that you forgot to mention in your studio updates?
Er, loads! I'm sure i haven't mentioned the one where i attempted to scold a Policemen whilst completely off my face the last night i was allowed to drink and still retain my freedom and get the last cab running, twenty miles back to the studio...
As for me, I don't need reminding!

14. What was it like working with Andy Sneap as a mixer?

Andy was the pinnacle of metal! Even his number plate reads METAL, so he's got to be.
Seriously, it was a real honour to work with Andy up at his studio, so much so that we offered the British tour support slot to him on the condition that he reform 'Sabbat' with the whole original 'Dreamweaver' line-up in tow! And the bastard did it!!! That's fucking metal!

15. What songs are you intending to put on your set list or the forthcoming European tour?

Ah, that would be saying , Mr. Prying Questions.
With foresight you can expect to hear at least five songs from the new album. But rest assured we'll still be playing all the Golden Mouldies!!!

16. What did it feel like being nominated for a Grammy in the States?
What do you reckon? It was a tremendous honour and i'm not going to lie and nonchalantly say that stuff like that never affects us (unlike ------- from -------- who was recently read saying, 'I don't care if we broke the U.S charts. Some guy comes up and to me and says that we're number six in the billboards for the second week running and i'm like, i don't care!'), because it's great to reach that level. I was so proud, i gave my medal to my Mum and used the certificate as a rather solid looking pea-shooter.

17. Is Sarah Jezebel Deva still singing for the band, i know she has her 'Angtoria' project, but is she a contributor to the new album?
Of course Sarah is still with the band and yes, she does appear on the album, most noticeably on the tracks 'Cemetery And Sundown' and 'Under Huntress Moon'. She has also contributed to various other B-sides, including Cradle's rendition of 'Stay' by Shakespear's Sister, another eighties song that we have sunken our proverbial teeth into.

18.What are your tour plans for next year?
What aren't our tour plans for next year? That would be easier to answer. Put it this way we are going to be doing a great deal of travelling both here in Europe and also over in the States. January sees the beginning of an American and Canadian tour, then it's Europe again in Spring with another US tour over the Summer, hopefully with another Ozzfest or something at least similar. And in-between there's Japan and Australia with an eye to playing Malaysia, India and South Africa on the way.

19. What's happening with the book 'The Gospel Of Filth', it was supposed to have been finished an eternity ago? What is the new release date?
As with most projects of an undeniably large undertaking, this was never going to be as quick as was first imagined. An enormous amount of research has been done on behalf of this so far and there's still plenty more yet to come, but very soon there will be some early chapter teasers put up on the fan site for you to peruse.
Rest assured that however long this takes (and it can't take that long as a WalpurgisNacht -April 30th- release date is tentative), the end result will be absolutely mind-blowing. I'm in the midst of reappraising some of the earlier chapters and it makes for really fantastic reading, especially if you're interest lies in creepy occult lore, demonology, witchcraft, serial killers, gothicism, vampirism, cannibalism, horror movies, femme fatales, grand guignol, eroticism and just plain old darkness to name but a few of the things brimming hideously therein.

20. Any last words?
Of course, you'll have a hard enough job trying to shut me up! Thank you to all our fans for your continued support, we very much appreciate it indeed; we can't wait for you to hear the new album and then see us out on the great wide road. The next evolutionary step for the band (what, manners?!!?) promises to be a golden time for all. Agios Os Satanas! Thanks once again and stay brutal.

All the best, your fiend,

Count Filth.

Cradle of Filth book " The Gospel of Filth " Release date TBC

Book Description:

The members of Cradle of Filth are the titans of Black Metal underground. Now Dani Filth and Gavin Baddeley lay bare the fascinating underworld of contemporary culture.

Dissecting the Satanic sources that have influenced and informed Cradle of Filth, with a roadmap to every significant landmark in the domains of darkness, including the arcane secrets of Black Magic, via the sex rites of vampirism. Artfully combining Hammer horror style schlock, dripping with eroticism, backed by authentic Black Arts info and a wicked sense of humor, this will dazzle devoted disciples of darkness. Contributors include actor Christopher Lee and Satanist Anton LaVey, to serial killer expert Robert Ressler and necrophile Karen Greenlee.

About the Author
Gavin Baddeley is an ordained Reverend in the Church of Satan, and an experienced journalist who has worked for The Observer and Metal Hammer. He is the occult authority for the BBC and Channel 4, has addressed Cambridge, and has been profiled in The Independent and The London Evening Standard. His previous three books received wide acclaim.
Dani Filth, singer and lyricist of Cradle of Filth, is an outspoken figure in the rock world. In addition to numerous TV and journalistic features, he has also starred in the cult British horror film Cradle of Fear.

Note: There will be a very special edition of the book, leather bound and with a ‘bonus’ to be announced that will only be available via this website.

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Nov. 11
Brighton GBR
Concorde 2
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Tilburg, NETH
Nov. 13
Paris, FRA
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Nov. 15
Brussels, BEL
AB Box
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Strasbourg, FRA
La Laiterie
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La Cooperative de Mai
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Barcelona, SPA
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Porto, POR
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London, GBR
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